This Female-Owned Brand is Redefining What It Means to be a Mother

Releasing their latest resort collection, the Tel Aviv label is emphasizing all elements of the female figure

Eve, the original mother, ate the forbidden fruit, but was the result a force to be reckoned with? Upcoming designers Noa Pasternak and Golan Taub hailing from Tel Aviv seem to think so. 

Titled, MOTHER OF ALL, the pair’s label is making waves among the elite such as Kourtney Kardashian and supermodel Irina Shayk donning their ocean-like cuts of micro mini skirts, clashing tailored pieces with intricate cut-outs and a splash of unadulterated sex appeal to sophisticated suiting. Since opening its doors in 2018, MOA, has been on a steady incline of success evoking women to explore the confines of what it means to feel female through their wardrobe and will continue to do so with the release of their 2023 resort collection.


In an exclusive interview, VMAGAZINE dove into what it means to be a MOTHER OF ALL, and how the brand’s growing success is just the beginning.

VMAGAZINE: How did you first come to meet? Did you both attend university together?

 Golan Taub: We met via friends. I was just finished with my studies at Shenkar School of Fashion in Tel Aviv and came back from my internship at Tommy Hilfiger in Amsterdam. Noa, who has a Master’s in Economics from Tel-Aviv University, has just left her job in the stock market. Both of us were looking for our next challenges, and we met at the right place and the right time. 

 V: Can you give us a little background on both your upbringings; how did fashion and design play a role? 

GT:  I grew up in the Golan Heights, which is in the north of Israel. Since I was a little kid, I loved art and design. I was a very creative kid. For me, it was obvious that I would be a designer. 

Noa Pasternak:  I always loved fashion and design. I grew up with parents who owned a jewelry store and design was all around. Although my professional background is in economics, I always knew that my true love is the fashion world. 

V: It seems like the brand’s designs are a combination of you both: strong, sexy, and also feminine with a classic twist. What initially led you to collaborate? 

NP: Each of us has our own qualities – Golan has the knowledge of creating fashion and telling a full creative story in each collection. I understand the business and finance side but also give insight as a target consumer. As a mother to three children, I’m the ultimate customer of Mother Of All.  

GT: A good example is our signature “Liza mini skirt” that Kourtney Kardashian wore recently. I was sketching and draping, playing with lines and silhouettes full of cut-outs and avant-garde shapes, then Noa challenged me to make her a version that is cleaner and easier to wear. For Noa, it’s very important that she tries every style so that we deliver something comfortable, well-fitted, and something people will desire. When you fit on a model, everything looks perfect and usually, the model doesn’t complain if something doesn’t feel right. It’s the combination of my creativity and Noa’s consumer insights that makes Mother of All. 

V: What did the conception of the brand process look like?

GT: Each season, we like to start with choosing a “Mother” – for us a mother is a lady that can come from the art industry, musicians or any strong and interesting figures. We are following her style, her story and building the collection around her. I start sketching and then we start making samples and fitting them with Noa to ensure the fit is right, sexy and comfortable to wear. From here we build a whole collection that’s included a range of avantgarde styles to minimalistic ones. 

V: What were some of the biggest challenges faced?

NP: It was probably the production side of the brand, especially since we started producing abroad during Covid19 and it was very challenging since traveling was restricted. 

V: Since 2018, celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian have worn your pieces. What would you say are some of the biggest accomplishments thus far? 

NP: Kourtney Kardashian was definitely one of our biggest accomplishments, as well as Irina Shayk, Stella Maxwell, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Eva Longoria among others. Entering the first department stores – we started to work with Selfridges in London and Nordstrom in the US. 

V: MOTHER OF ALL was started in 2018– fast forward to 2022, how have you seen the brand grow from design to production? 

GT: We started the brand in the studio with 2 collections. Now we do 4 collections a year. We are currently working with a few different manufacturers around the globe and are always investing our time into finding the best solutions and perfecting the collection. Exploring new materials and new production techniques – the product and fit is something that we prioritize.

 V: The name “MOTHER OF ALL” is inspired by Eve, what is the importance of Eve and the religious reference overall? 

GT: MOA calls all women “daughters of Eve” to return to the Garden of Eden. MOTHER OF ALL gives every woman the courage to relive her inner girl’s dream of being an Ultra Femme. She merges clean, minimal lines, top-quality fabrics, fine tailoring, and deep understanding in the amazing female anatomy into smooth, soft and curvy, intimate, sensual and alluring, playful, curious, and daring fashion. 

NP: It’s the MOTHER OF ALL way of reminding women to celebrate their femininity proudly, feeling strong and beautiful, knowing their worth, and loving who they are- unique made-by-god creations. 

V: There is a ton of tailoring, interesting cuts, and sex appeal in this most recent collection. Can you tell us more about how the Mother of All customer should feel when wearing them? 

NP: Our “Mothers” clients should feel sexy, desirable, strong, and comfortable. We invest a lot of time and thought into the shape and fit – we are making our efforts to show the right body parts that are flattering the most. As a mother, it is important for me to make sure that most of the collection can be worn by mothers and still feel comfortable and sexy. One of our leading fabrics is the double-faced, which sculpts the body and still is so comfortable.  

GT: Even when there is a cut-out, we always show the femininity in the woman’s body, while simultaneously making sure the client feels safe and comfortable. Most of the collection is suitable for a span of bodies and fits a wide range of ages. Noa has given birth 3 times and so we rely on her feedback for what feels comfortable to be exposed and/or covered. Our clients range from early 20s to mid-50s – those who have the confidence and those who need a little encouragement. Some, when they first discover the brand, are a bit skeptical of how the collection will fit them. However, when they try it on, they love the quality and feel of the fabric and how it fits. That’s when we feel like we’ve really achieved something amazing here. Our vision is that the “mother” will be confident in what she wears but also feel relaxed and comfortable.

V: What’s next for your design careers? What do you hope for the brand’s expansion within the next few years?

NP: With each collection, we feel like we improve our designs and refine our style. We work hard to have a larger presence in the US, UK, and European markets. We’re aiming to dress up all the mothers to feel amazing and be the best version of themselves.




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