This Innovative New Fragrance Brand is Inspired by the Côte d’Azur

Veronique Gabai’s namesake brand explores sustainability within luxury.

Veronique Gabai may have only debuted her namesake perfume brand this past July, but she’s been involved behind the scenes of the industry for over 20 years, most of which were spent at Estee Lauder. Now, she’s decided to write a love letter to her native Côte d’Azur with a collection of scents that are as luxurious as they are innovative. 

Gabai developed 9 unisex fragrances, all of which can be tailored to each individual with “booster scents,” Eau De Jour, whose fruity qualities are designed to lift a fragrance, while the muskier Eau De La Nuit adds intensity and depth.

Another fresh aspect of the brand is its focus on sustainability. The products are refillable and packaged in a way that encourages versatility. One example is Gabai’s perfume pendants which, on top of having different uses such as a necklace, or clipped to a bag or keychain, can also be used as jewelry forever. 

Summer may, in fact, be over, but thanks to Gabai’s collection, paradise will be anything but lost.

All of the products are available at, as well as Barneys New York and Net-A-Porter.

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