Thom Browne and Baccarat have released the next best thing to add to your homeware collection.

The French luxury brand and New York-based designer have unveiled a special collection of four glasses, a coupe, two wine glasses, a tumbler, and a whiskey carafe. Meticulously handcrafted by Baccarat artisans in Lorraine, France, each piece reflects both brands’ shared values; excellence, avant-garde style, and creativity. Curated by Thom Browne himself, a longtime admirer and collector of Baccarat creations, the pieces in the collection derive from his personal life, honoring the art of celebration and the joy of togetherness. Pieces are reinvigorated from Baccarat’s dazzling archive, painted with Thom Browne’s distinctive four-bar motif, enhancing the crystal’s elegance.

Courtesy of Thom Browne

Iconic pieces include the Yacht Glass, created in 1925 by Georges Chevalier for the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts in Paris. With a square base, the Yacht Glass gained popularity among influential figures including the Prince of Wales. With techniques such as glassblowing and crystal cutting, the creation of each piece showcases the unique talent of the “best artisans of France” – acclaimed craftsmen known for skills unprecedented in their field. Each glass is offered in a set of 2.

The Thom Browne and Baccarat collection is exclusively available through and select Thom Browne retail locations including 100 Hudson Street in New York and 3 Albemarle Street in London.

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