Thom Browne Launches First Ever Swim Campaign

Thom Browne dips his toes into swimwear, but stays true to his roots.

To swim…or not to swim…


Widely recognized for challenging and modernizing today’s uniform, Thom Browne’s inaugural swim campaign is a continuation of last year’s uniform portfolio. The American designer continues to challenge gender norms in order and convey a true American sensibility, rooted in quality craftsmanship and precise tailoring. 

Browne recruits photographer and director, Richard Phibbs, to create black and white images for the campaign, depicting classic American photography. The models are portrayed as statues wearing board shorts and matching blouson jackets, to leave the swimwear up for interpretation. 

Made in Italy using proprietary swim tech fabric, the board shorts can be worn high, slung low, undone, tied or any way you want to wear it. The shorts and blouson jackets feature the brand’s signature four-bar stripes, and come in red, white, navy, and grey.


Shop the brand new swimwear line here. 

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