Tiffany & Co. Enters the Metaverse with NFTiff Service

Turn your NFT’s into jewelry with NFTiff.

Tiffany & Co. became the latest brand to wade into the metaverse with the launch of  their exclusive NFTiff service.

In tandem with blockchain innovators Chain, Tiffany & Co. created NFTiff, a limited-edition pass service for owners of Cryptopunk NFTs. Though the NFTiff service, pass holders have the opportunity to mint a custom Tiffany & Co. pendant inspired by the owner’s NFT holdings.

The classic Tiffany’s box, digitized.

“We are incredibly excited to announce the debut of NFTiff, bringing our clients the rare opportunity to turn CryptoPunks into custom Tiffany & Co. jewelry designs through a fully digital experience,” said Alexandre Arnault, Executive Vice President of Product and Communication at Tiffany & Co.

The idea for the NFTiff service came earlier this year, after Arnault shared a photo of a custom jewelry interpretation of his own CryptoPunk #3167 on social media. Chain’s CEO found the image, and worked with Tiffany & Co. to formulate the NFTiff pass and online gateway,

CryptoPunk necklace.

“As a CryptoPunks holder, I saw a partnership with Tiffany as a way to make NFTs accessible to new collectors as well as strengthen the existing community that has embraced the art,” said Deepak Thapliyal, Chief Executive Officer of Chain. “Tiffany’s vision and Chain’s technologies are the perfect combination to produce a beautiful product and a secure online experience.”

The CryptoPunk necklace.

The service will transform CryptoPunks into custom Tiffany pendants, using the most common 87 attributes and 159 colors that appear across the 10,000 item collection of CryptoPunks. Each pendant will have a minimum of 30 gemstones or diamonds, in order to adhere closely to the original NFT art. The pendants will come in either 18k rose or yellow gold, on an adjustable chain between 18–22 inches long. The link design of the chain is designed to resemble pixels.

The CryptoPunk necklace.

NFTiff passes will be available to purchase on Aug. 5, for 30 ETH. Only 250 pendants will be produced, with each engraved with its specific CryptoPunks edition number on the back. Tiffany & Co. has places a limit of three NFTiff passes per person.

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