Tiffany & Co Flagship Flaunts a Special Flower Flash For Mother’s Day

Elevating the art of floristry and gift-giving

In anticipation of Mother’s Day, the iconic jewelry store unveils a series of special floral-oriented offerings. Inimitable arrangements by renowned florist Lewis Miller Design act as centerpiece to the brand’s New York city home and weekend plans. A blooming floral in-store installation kicks off the heartfelt celebrations with a definite show stopper, setting in motion a range of unique gift-giving opportunities for clients.

Bursting with color, a bountiful canopy of flowers coupled with lush greenery, entice visitors and passersby. The floral transformation blossoms to symbolize rebirth and revitalization, a concept that is extended as visitors will have the chance to collect the lush bouquets before the store closes their doors for the day.

Tiffany & Co further honors mom with a plethora of selections, from Lewis Miller Design flower bouquets with custom wrapping paper, calligraphy stations to customize accompanying notes, alongside special-edition hangtags and colored ribbon for purchases made in store throughout the weekend.

Recognizable for their “flower flashes” spotted throughout New York City, Lewis Miller Design have done their part in painting a lively landscape of the city, placing lavish floral displays in unexpected locations. Boldly placed aside a subway entrance, street corner or lamppost, the stunning arrangements have gained love from locals and even garnered national recognition.

The special flower activities are taking place all throughout Mother’s Day Weekend at The Tiffany Flagship Next Door, located at 6 East 57th Street—the House’s temporary home while the iconic 727 Fifth Avenue location has completed its renovations.

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