Tik-Tok Creator Tahlia Munoz Interprets Fall Fringe

Refresh your discover tab and get the look.

 Just because it’s Fall, doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice the fun.  This season is coming in with fashion alright, and lots o’ fringe is being served by Tik-Tok creator, Tahlia Munoz (@TRUTHTEA).

Hailing from Oklahoma— though now based out of New York— the 21-year-old filmmaker draws much of her inspiration from her life in the midwestern small town with the constant need to “reach for something more.” She says, “I spent a lot of time on the internet growing up. I consider myself a part of a specific group of Gen Z [that] I like to call ‘Internet Kids.’ We all lived very similar experiences through our early teen years and as a result, I’ve found a lot of my best friends through the internet and sharing those common experiences.”

As Munoz following continues to grow on her native platform, she sports her modeling chops for the latest issue of V Magazine—in fringe— from the likes of Boss to Prada.

Take any look from ordinary to extraordinary with any of these easy-to-pair pieces below.

Tahlia wears all clothing, bag, boots Boss Jewelry her own (throughout)
Skirt, coat, shoes, tie Prada Top her own
Coat Bottega Veneta
All clothing and accessories Dsquared2
Coat Giorgio Armani





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