Tinashe’s Summer Necessities

Tacos and frosé, please!

This article appears in the pages of V125 shot before the pandemic: Supermodel Summer, available to order now at shop.vmagazine.com.

V MAGAZINE Favorite summer blockbuster?

TINASHE The Notebook.

V What is the best thing about summer?

T I love cooking for all of my friends. I have taco Tuesdays at my house!

V Most memorable summer?

T Last summer, I had so much fun putting the finishing touches on my album, Songs For You. I have a studio at my house, so I spent almost every day making music and art, being inspired, and having fun.

V Go-to summer beverage?

T Frosé.

V What’s in your summer survival kit?

T In sunny and dry L.A., moisturizer with SPF and humidifiers are a must!

V In terms of new music you’re working on … Can you tell us about your creative process when producing music these days?

T The creative process hasn’t changed much for me because I typically record my music at my home studio anyways. I prefer the vibe to be more intimate and relaxed so I’m still able to work much like I did before.

V Is there a certain song or artist you’ve been listening to more, and/or “reconnected” with, over the course of self-quarantining measures?

T I’ve been listening to a lot of Jazz recently. I think the lack of structure and the energy in it has felt really relevant to me. 

V Have you been feeling inspired during this time? Have you been tailoring your music a certain way? How so?

T I’ve been inspired but also a bit sad, as this is such a heavy emotional time to be in the world and reflecting it as a creative. It’s also hard to not write every song about being in quarantine but like, nobody is gonna wanna hear that in 6 months so I’m trying to think of other concepts, haha.

V What role do you think music can play during a crisis such as this?

T Music makes me really happy and finding little ways to be happy during the crisis is soooo important to maintaining good mental health.

Tinashe wears Jacket, skirt, belt Chanel; Briefs Commando; Gloves Vex Latex; Skincare and makeup Clarins


All clothing Cong Tri, jewelry Swarovski
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