To All Lash Lovers: Here Are The Top False Lashes To Get Now!

To All Lash Lovers: Here Are The Top False Lashes To Get Now!


To All Lash Lovers: Here Are The Top False Lashes To Get Now!

Find your new favorite pair of falsies.

Find your new favorite pair of falsies.

Text: Bailey Bujnosek

There’s no easier way to add drama to your makeup look than by applying a pair of false lashes. The go-to lash enhancement has been a makeup counter standard since the early twentieth century. More recently, the falsies market has boomed, with lashes of different lengths, thicknesses, and styles becoming widely available. V has scoured the web to find the top false lashes from your favorite beauty brands—and new ones that should be on your radar. From strip lashes and segments to magnetic- and glue-applied varieties, here are the falsies every lash lover should own.

S Collection EL-26 from Elora Lane

Image courtesy of Elora Lane

Founded by celebrity makeup artist Sheika Daley, Elora Lane is known for its lightweight false lashes. Available in as many varieties as there are preferences, the Elora Lane S Collection features synthetic lashes in twenty-eight styles, from spare and natural to full-on glam. The EL-26 pair strikes the perfect balance between subtly improving your lash look and delivering a noticeable upgrade.


76 Supermodel Lash from M·A·C

Image courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

If you’ve always wanted to borrow the lashes that look so incredible on the runway, M·A·C has the falsies for you. Unlike many false lashes, the 76 Supermodel Lash creates an enviable wispy effect by clumping individual lashes of different lengths along the strip. It’s no wonder these lashes are considered a catwalk classic.


Wifey Lash from MoxieLash

Image courtesy of MoxieLash

MoxieLash kicked off the magnetic false lash craze—and while they’ve spurred other brands to launch their own version, the OG continues to dominate the market. Their Wifey Lash is a mid-glam falsie equally appropriate for the office and the bar. Ten miniature magnets line the lash band, ensuring a lasting hold against the magnetic eyeliner. Although they’re on the pricier side, MoxieLash promises a pair can last for up to fifty wears.


‘Craze’ Vegan False Eyelashes from Sephora

Image courtesy of Sephora

They’re vegan, they’re volumized, and they’re ready for all-day wear. Sephora’s vegan false lash line lets conscious consumers rock glamorous falsies guilt-free. With a special crisscross pattern that adds extra length and depth, you’ll find yourself maximizing re-wears of these lashes on every special occasion.


Cora from Lena Lashes

Image courtesy of Lena Lashes

Looking for a hand-crafted lash as one-of-a-kind as you are? Lena Lashes has you covered. The indie beauty brand has comfortable-meets-stylish lashes down to a science. Known for their especially wearable cotton lash bands and occasional over-the-top lash look, Lena Lashes is the exact embodiment of the dramatic flair that makes false lashes so fun. 

$30 for 5 pairs,

Violet Gossamer Lashes from Lashify

Image courtesy of Lashify

Violet never looked so good. These delightful lashes from Lashify add a pop of color that will elevate any makeup look from drab to fab. Made of premium Korean PBT silk, the Violet Gossamer lashes come in a variety of lengths to suit different eye shapes. One set includes 12 lashes, meaning you can serve outrageous eye makeup all year long.

$25 for 6 pairs,

Lengthening Wisps Multipack 01 from KISS Falscara

Image courtesy of KISS

Fans of segment lashes over strips will adore the lengthening wisps multipack from game-changing beauty brand KISS. Meant to replicate the look of lash extensions, KISS Falscara wisps differentiate themselves from other products by being applied underneath your natural lash. The result is a fuller, more organic look. 


3D Faux Mink 854 Magnetic Lash from Ardell

Image courtesy of Ardell

Ardell touts its products as “the world’s best-selling lashes,” and it’s not hard to believe the claim. Making countless ‘best lashes’ lists year after year, Ardell’s faux mink lashes are well worth a try. The synthetic falsies are magnetic, so a magnetic lash liner is a must. An almost geometric quality to the layering of individual lashes makes this particular set especially bold. 



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