To Naomi, From V

To Naomi, From V

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To Naomi, From V

Wishing the supermodel the happiest of birthdays as we look back through our top 5 memories together.

Wishing the supermodel the happiest of birthdays as we look back through our top 5 memories together.

Text: Dante Silva

Sometimes, a name serves as its own introduction. Naomi has been enunciated from the runways of Milan to New York (and back again), synonymous with the classic contours—and accompanying persona—of the supermodel. Few names today are rendered so iconic, nor do they serve as metonyms for entire cultural moments. V’s been attempting to surface all that is Naomi since our inception; which, of course, remains an insurmountable feat.

In honor of Campbell’s 50th birthday (who’s counting), we go through the V archive:

1. Behind the Scenes Memories of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’

Naomi was featured in “The Empire Strikes Back”, a fashion story from V54 delving into New York City in its authenticity. Naomi turns any street into haute couture, seamlessly becoming the focal point of an entire metropolis. Check out video footage on our Instagram, here

2. V’s First Ever Swimsuit Issue

Naomi is trailblazing in her own right, consistently inspiring those of us fortunate enough to work with her. V59, in 2009, became a cult classic issue itself, featuring several covers shot by Mario Testino. 

3. V55

A portrait of Naomi graces the cover of V55, V's (at the time) biggest issue ever. She looks effortlessly flawless, to the surprise of no one, with a look instantly confirming a supermodel status.

4. Naomi as Tina Turner

For V's The Sports Issue, Naomi channels the energy of another luminary, Tina Turner. While not quite the most athletic of endeavors, no one can deny Naomi (or Tina) of the physicality demanded in their work, clearly evidenced in Naomi's sculpted legs (most likely insured for a small fortune). Here, the model is shot for the story "Private Dancer", styled by Joanne Blades.

5. VFILES Runway Season 7

Naomi served as a mentor for VFILES Runway Season 7, allowing young creatives a chance to hone their expertise alongside industry experts. Her words, while intended for the designers, serve as important reminders for us all: "it has to be how you feel, how you make it your own... following what you want and your instinct".

And needless to say, we look forward to 50 more years of memories.


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