Tom Ford harnesses the power and light of the summer sun in their new Soleil De Feu Collection. The cosmetic and fragrance line is inspired by the amber rays of sunset and sun-kissed tans. It is an embrace of warm hues and subtle glows, that aims to accentuate the natural beauty of the skin.

The collection features a signature Soleil de Feu fragrance, two highlighters, two tinted lip balm shades, and two beautiful palettes of eye shadow. The themes that drive this line are threaded through the composition of each cosmetic, bringing the effervescence of the sun down to earth. 

Courtesy of Tom Ford Beauty

Tom Ford Beauty Soleil de Feu Spark Lip Balm – $60

The Soleil de Feu Spark Lip Balm is a little capsule of sunshine. The pearlescent shades are hydrating, meant to fabricate a plumper and moisturized lip that sports a subtle tint. The glimmering lip product is a source of moisture and shine. It is the perfect product for a natural look or a layer for a more complex lip. It is light and versatile, ideal for the every day, making the transition from day to night all the more seamless.

Tom Ford Beauty Soleil de Feu Glow Highlighter – $95

The long-lasting Soleil de Feu Glow Highlighter is a newer addition to the Tom Ford Beauty line, bringing a gorgeous luminance to the face. The brightening and lightweight powder formula comes in two gorgeous shades, Mirage and Oasis, that can be interchanged to change up a classic makeup look. The shades bring an iridescence to the skin, creating a dewy and sun-kissed shine. This highlighter is specially formulated to last, boasting a sleek feel that lasts up to 10 hours so you can maintain the glow all night long.

Tom Ford Beauty Soleil de Feu Eye Color Quad – $90

Courtesy of Tom Ford Beauty

The collection also sports two Eye Color Quads in Tropical Dusk and Island Haze. These eyeshadow palettes capture the magnificent golds and soft oranges of the sunset. Encased in the limited edition ‘Soleil de Feu’ packaging, the palette captures the tones of dawn and dusk into a functional handheld vessel. The colors evoke scenes of smoldering embers, molten shades that reflect the heat of the sun. The complementary shades accentuate the natural features of the eye, contouring with ashes browns and mauves and highlighting with bright shimmer tones. Just like the highlight, these palettes were designed to maintain the look for up to 10 hours without fading or creasing. 

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