Tom Ford’s Spring 2022 Collection Is Full Of Sparkle

Casual silhouettes and an abundance of sequins made up the core of the collection, which debuted at NYFW.

Tom Ford’s spring 2022 ready-to-wear collection is all about the glitz and glam.


At Lincoln Center on September 12, it was evident the American designer is more than ready for the comeback of contemporary life—these aren’t stay-at-home pieces, but instead, pieces that demand to be seen, a collection waiting for the moment when parties, crowds, drama and nightlife aren’t a privilege, but a day-to-day pleasure.

The collection shone all on its own on a traditional catwalk, just the models on a long runway, unencumbered by a conceptual or sculptural set design, the lavishly excessive aesthetic of Tom Ford’s collection alluded to a future of carefree vibrancy, a promise of a sparkly and bright season.


The core of the collection: sequins, sequins, sequins. The palette of the collection and the shiny fabrics (seriously, nothing didn’t glimmer under the runway lights) recalled the ‘80s, a time when an outfit could just be baggy silhouettes in saturated tones of cyan and fuchsia, lime green and tangerine, and nobody would blink twice. 

Everything was silk and shine from head to toe, made in entirely wearable, athleisure-inspired silhouettes, from an oversized cardigan to baggy shorts or joggers to classic tank tops, from bra tops to statement barrettes, all done in silk and sequins, all partnered with thick heels and heavy necklaces, an ode to casual maximalism and party culture.


Two words instantly come to mind when seeing the Tom Ford collection: fun and sexy. Even as the bright color palette shifted into a sea of neutrals and metallics, a backdrop of black with intricately studded gold pieces or looks made entirely of shiny silver fabric, the air of playfulness was threaded through every look. 

Standout looks include a rich plum-colored sequin top that ties in the front, paired with a thick silver choker and silky chocolate joggers; a fitted black tank and billowing pants paired with a super-embellished gold jacket; an entirely silver and gold metallic suit; and a silver sequined coat, cascading like a waterfall to brush the floor.


Nothing is subtle about Tom Ford’s spring 2022 collection, and instead of being overwhelming, it is strangely reassuring. The collection is a positive omen of sorts, a reminder of fun and the pleasures of simple excess; a foretelling that things are going to be good again, and when they are, there’s a perfect wardrobe ready to go.

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