Tommy Hilfiger and Lewis Hamilton Starring H.E.R.

A hit collaboration between designers and songstress.

After three seasons of the duo’s partnership, Tommy x Lewis shares the stage with R&B singer H.E.R. The surprise guest is another highlight for Hilfiger, ahead of London Fashion Week Spring 2020. The capsule Tommy x Lewis x H.E.R is a continuation through Tommy Now, aiming to shine a spotlight on a new dialogue of what runway fashion can be. Being the change they want to see, the singer is authentically herself — making this a great reveal for Hilfiger and Hamilton’s fourth collection together. 

The evolution of Hilfiger’s ‘See now, buy now’ platform has developed into a podium for artists to display their creativity and values through different mediums. H.E.R has been vocal in the microphone about driving “to inspire new generations to be authentic.” In this collection, the songwriter’s name is written alongside graphics and the “H” logo on hoodies, sweatpants, and shirts. The sustainable capsule is produced with 100 percent organic cotton and features many monochromatic-neon looks. The trio’s entertaining color palette has calm neutrals, green, neon, and black incorporated with Hilfiger’s well-known red, white, and blue.  

With the united belief of inclusivity, this collaborative experience was fulfilling for all partners. In hopes of hitting the hearts of fans, the capsule is conveniently shoppable from the runway on Sunday night.


Via Instagram @tommyhilfiger
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