In honor of their shared community-driven values, Tommy Hilfiger has teamed up with Los Angeles-based brand Supervsn to create a campaign inspired by the Tapestry of Americana. Supervsn was created by Gavin Mathieu, as a studio to promote the creativity of underrepresented communities. In a similar vein, Tommy Hilfiger’s first store, People’s Place, was meant to be a space for people to gather and appreciate art, fashion, and music.

The Tommy x Supervsn collection features nine pieces of oversized, washed-out clothing that mimic the traditional LA style. Camo, tie-dye, and a reimagined Tommy Hilfiger logo with the colors of the Pan-African flag represent the future of American creatives. 

Hoping to encourage young artists to create the world they wish to see, the collaboration commemorates the multicultural fabric of the USA. “Tommy x Supervsn is a celebration of American multiculturalism”, said Mathieu. “A tribute to the people of color responsible for creating America, recognizing that the only way to make change is to work together, marrying creative visions in harmonious ways.”

T-shirts, jackets, and hoodies encourage people to value their progress and ignore the noise through bold statements like “Trust The VSN, Not The Algorithm.” The campaign, shot by Jack Bool, features the Supervsn creative team while calling attention to the communities and cultures that inspired the collection.

The Tommy x Supervsn collection is now available on

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