Tommy Hilfiger Resurrects Its Space At New York Fashion Week

After many quiet seasons, the fashion house reignites its NYFW flame, staging an immersive physical and digital experience to showcase their latest Fall 2022 Collection.

Presented at the Skyline Drive-In in Brooklyn on September 11th (7 pm EST), Tommy Hilfiger’s long-awaited return to New York Fashion Week unfolds. Strutting the runway for the first time in three years, the pioneer fashion house will unveil its latest “See Now, Buy Now” Fall 2022 collection while staging an immersive experience both physically and digitally.

The interactive experience reframes inspiration from an epicenter of people and subcultures, a collision of lo-fi and hi-tech, and a fusion of style evoking from New York’s established creative agenda. Intertwined with the ambiance and highlights the true raw grit that sprawls out over the city – the brand’s birthplace. Through the acknowledgment of profound connections and spontaneous glimpses of creativity, the event intends to connect individuals, whether at the live in-person showcase in Brooklyn or a parallel metaverse activation.

“My heart immediately went to New York’s iconic creative culture when I thought about where to launch our return to fashion week,” said Tommy Hilfiger. “This is where fashion, art, music and entertainment was all coming together when I first started out in the industry. And today, it is still this approach that inspires me to engage with the cutting-edge communities building new creative experiences. This season is all about the collision of my favorite archival inspirations with new live event concepts and virtual worlds. It’s the perfect expression of what we stand for as we pay homage to our roots with a return to NYFW.”

Multi-media activations encourage the lively production of Hilfigers Fall 2022 Collection from New York City to European capitals to Chengdu and beyond. Updated retail concepts in select Hilfiger locations with key wholesale and pure player partners worldwide will accompany the physical and digital exhibitions of the showcase. Partnerships with global talent will debut on and off the runway, initiating the label’s roots through the stirring up of prep classics.

In an industry-first, the “See Now, Buy Now” runway debut will be live-streamed into the global Roblox community of over 50 million daily users, accompanied by avatars dressed in the Fall 2022 looks, which will acquire the remixed virtual city of New York. Every style embarking on the physical runway will be available to purchase globally through Tommy Hilfiger’s “See Now, Buy Now” concept, including digital product exclusives on Roblox. The brand’s partnership with the global multiverse platform launched in December 2021 and continues to expand through new phases.

Tommy X Roblox

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