TOMS releases Unity Collection & LGBTQ+ Grassroots Partners Project

TOMS is not only making a collection for Pride month in June, they are donating half of their profits to LGBTQ+ youth services

TOMS has released the Unity Collection with new styles of Pride-infused footwear, using the brand’s styles with new features such as rainbow-colored heel counters, color-blocked cupsoles, and printed canvas suppers that represent unity and pride.

One pair of shoes uses the classic white TOMS style to have words such as “Love,” “Human,” and “Shine” written all over the surface with a gradient rainbow in the inside. Another pair is the opposite, with writing on the inside and all white on the outside except for a little rainbow on the tongue of the show.

The collection also features reimagined versions of TOMS sunglasses, socks, and masks, as well as Unity-exclusive color schemes available at and in TOMS retail stores.

Not only does TOMS give half of their net profits to grassroots good, but they are also supporting the LGBTQ+ community with Brave Trails. The program is a summer camp made specifically for LGBTQ+ youth, where they can build community, confidence, and leadership. Brave Trails also offers family camps, mentorship programs, meet-up groups, and year-round leadership programming. With funding from TOMS, Brave Trails is preparing to create a queer-affirming mental health program as well as a training program for therapists.

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