Tonight’s A New Moon: Here's How to Get Your 2021 Manifestations Rolling

Tonight’s A New Moon: Here's How to Get Your 2021 Manifestations Rolling


Tonight’s A New Moon: Here's How to Get Your 2021 Manifestations Rolling

Harness the energy of the stars in your favor.

Harness the energy of the stars in your favor.

Text: Sam Tracy

Tonight’s new moon is all about shedding the old and welcoming in new growth. The start of a lunar cycle is high time for planning your next steps and starting new projects. Tonight, the new moon is in Capricorn, a highly ambitious sign of the zodiac. You may be feeling extra go-getter in your aspirations tonight, perhaps finding yourself with a dozen new creative projects in mind or a desire to map out a step-by-step plan for a career change. This is all-natural and, in fact, expected during this lunation!

The new moon in Capricorn is one of the most powerful because the astrological sign signifies pragmatism and all-around “boss” energy coupled with the new moon’s regenerative energy that will propel you to organize and strategize to live your dream reality. 2020 was no easy year and tonight’s new moon is the perfect time to get all your ducks in a row for 2021.

Manifesting is a technique you may have heard your New Agey spiritual friend talk about or seen in a Tik Tok but it can be a life-changing tool. The energy for manifestation is extra high under a new moon so if you’re thinking about giving it a try, tonight is the perfect time for it.

One of the simplest but most effective ways to manifest is journaling. Light a few candles to create a calming environment (although this step is not entirely required) and write down your goals for this lunar cycle - and be specific! Get clear about what you really want to accomplish. List out three to five tasks you want to check off before the next new moon.

For all my single people out there, you can use tonight’s moon to find love: in your journal, list out all the traits, both physical and personality, that your ideal partner would have. Don’t limit yourself - write until you feel you’ve described your dream significant other to a T. You’re sending this energy out into the universe and the new moon is listening to you.

Photo by Nick Knight for V124

Visualization is another technique for manifesting your desired outcomes. Lay on your bed and close your eyes. Envision you living your dream life: who is by your side? What are you wearing? What job are you working? And most importantly, how are you feeling? To make your manifestations really stick, it’s key to feel the emotions you would feel as if you already had the thing you desire. 

And finally, let it all go. After your manifestation ritual is complete, it’s important to release the energy into the universe and trust that it is working on making it happen for you. Manifesting is like making a purchase on Amazon - you told the stars what you want, they heard you and now you can trust that those things are on their way. Over the next month, continue to review the to-do list you created for yourself and work on creating your dream reality. Happy manifesting!

Credits: Header image by Nick Knight for V124


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