Top 10 Collections Of London Fashion Week 2021

VMagazine’s Fashion Director, Gro Curtis curated a list of Top 10 Collections — selecting the best looks from each designer.

We were thirsty and London gave us something to drink. This Biblical metaphor coming from Matthew can be successfully applied to the state of fashion today. Even though New York played safe, London decided to defend their religion in fashion with full force. The retreat was not an option and that is why we have to congratulate both established designers and new kids on the block. More than ever we all need bold ideas, strong colors, and collections that will ease our minds from everyday life. In that context, London showed us how much we all need to escape. It was five days of rabbit hole worth jumping into.

View the standout Top 10 Collections from London, handpicked by VMagazine’s Fashion Director below:


The hottest new duo on the London fashion scene is for sure Emma Chopova and Laura Lowena. The philosophy behind their brand since its very beginnings, almost two years ago, was strangely unique: creating looks from deadstock fabrics. Their technique in its core is artisan. Since Emma is Bulgarina one can see numerous folkloric motifs almost typical for Balkans but done in what we can call “very London way”. It’s a blend of vintage and new, folkloric, and punk. No wonder their one-of-a -kind skirts is becoming a timeless hit among fashion insiders. Be sure to discover their brilliant new collection!

HALPERN look 10

Michael Halpern always had a distinctive taste for proper fashion drama. And I personally feel it’s important now more than ever to showcase such a feisty attitude. His spring collection looks like a proper couture fairytale but with some very sensual sharp edges. Halpern proudly screams “to hell with sweatpants” and we can only applaud him!


Matty Bovan is our fierce fashion darling. A young designer with extreme self-confidence and his new concept collection was more of an homage to Britania in all her glory. Bovan is not afraid to experiment and showcase both the beauty and rawness of his fashion ideas. From historical references to rugby stripes, Bovan is serving some major attitudes. Pièce de résistance is this divine red sequins installation. With this armor of glitter, you will win any battle.


No one can provoke more personal emotion then Simone Rocha. Her collections are always intimate, sensitive, and almost religious outings. Rocha is the queen of her own genre and she is able to feed us with a full-blown mirage of magical details. From shoes to bags and earrings. Not to mention the allure of her Roman Catholic references like in this pristine version of what could be first communion dress. There is darkness in her light and that is why Rocha always seduces us with her ideas.

ART SCHOOL look 51

Eden Loweth is proudly becoming one of the new generation household names of London Fashion Week Spring 2021. The collection is a triumph in showcasing how far diversity in casting can and should go. Behind mostly black and stunning outfits one could feel the power of the person walking in them. There lies the magic of Art School’s appeal. Brave individualism is all we need for new dawns ahead of us. And what about this amazing faux fur coat in classic Doc Martens? It speaks volumes.

BURBERRY look 46

It’s been decades now since Riccardo Tisci has been crowned as the dark prince of fashion. His latest collection for Burberry is perhaps his strongest one to date. This perfect melange of an oversized knitted sweatshirt with details of boudoir negligee is both Tisci and Burberry at the same time. It’s a well-thought balance which can only push Burberry forward. And that is the key because for Burberry to blossom we need more of Tisci’s sexy darkness.

ERDEM look 28

Erdem Moralioglu is a wizard of his own Oz. No one can so successfully seduce us with romantic prints and fabrics like master Erdem himself. And we’re always left, longing for more. What he managed to do for Spring 2021. is to show us the 2.0 version of Erdem. Every great designer needs to evolve with conquering new territories in his or her fashion vocabulary. A perfect example of this evolution is look 28, where Erdem married his longtime obsession of romance and vintage florals with what looks like a perfect military-style parka coat. This utility moment was much needed for the next step of Erdem’s bright future.


The queen of tulle shall not surrender! That is the powerful message coming from Molly Goddard. Her maximalist approach is here to stay and her red is more electrical than ever. Don’t be fooled with the innocence of the shapes because Goddard is here to dress warriors and not princesses. Sticking to her guns is the only way to succeed in one of the most difficult seasons fashion has witnessed since WWII. And Brits know a thing or two about surviving!

ROKSANDA look 15

Roksanda Ilincic has been around the corner for a while now but only recently she has exploded as a blue-chip name of London Fashion Week. More than ever her creations are both dreamy and whimsical. Only a handful of names can cut maxi gowns in such precision as Roksanda. She has worked hard to reach the summit of the fashion world and as a designer, she is a living proof that one should never stop with hard work. No wonder icons such as Cate Blanchett are her front row cheerleaders.


Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi are profound worshipers of Victoriana and it shows season after season in most incredible collections. This black floral print dress adorned with what looks like a deconstructed patchwork harness is a perfect example of their ability to freshly interpret “flowers for spring” without any trivial traps.

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