Top Three Cosmetic Surgery Myths Busted By Dr. Adel Quttainah

Top Three Cosmetic Surgery Myths Busted By Dr. Adel Quttainah

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Top Three Cosmetic Surgery Myths Busted By Dr. Adel Quttainah

'Cosmetic surgery' is an umbrella term that covers a wide variety of procedures and operations. These surgical enhancements are all intended to help you look and feel your best. And while the practice is thousands of years old, cosmetic surgery is still plagued by myths and misinformation. Here to set the record straight and bust three common cosmetic surgery myths is Dr. Adel Quttainah.

Cosmetic injectables will "freeze your face"

A common cosmetic surgery myth is that injectables like Botox will give your face a frozen appearance. In other words, they will inhibit you from making different facial expressions. According to Dr. Quttainah, that is far from the case. "Experienced cosmetic surgeons know exactly where to inject in order to remove your wrinkles while still preserving your natural appearance," he said. "Talented practitioners have an eye for aesthetic detail and will base your treatment plan off of your individual needs."

Breast augmentation affects the ability to breastfeed

This is a common concern among women who are hoping to be pregnant someday. But Dr. Quttainah says there is generally no reason for concern. "Breast augmentation should not affect your ability to lactate," said Dr. Quttainah. "Though I wouldn't perform the surgery while you are currently breastfeeding." But he says that before or afterward is just fine. In fact, many women are interested in seeking some kind of breast enhancement after breastfeeding their children. According to Dr. Quttainah, that is entirely normal.

Cosmetic surgery is the "easy way out"

"A lot of people try to guilt themselves out of cosmetic surgery, thinking that they should be able to accomplish those things on their own," said Dr. Quttainah. "But the truth is that cosmetic surgeons just want to help you with what isn't possible by yourself." According to Dr. Quttainah, cosmetic surgery is not a 'lazy' option. For example, he prefers that all of his patients practice healthy self-care and hygiene. But if you take care of your body and need some additional assistance to feel your best, he is there to help.

Cosmetic surgery has ancient roots but has vastly modernized over the years. Despite myths and misinformation, Dr. Quttainah says one thing hasn't changed: cosmetic surgery is there to help you feel good about your body.


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