Who doesn’t want to pay a visit to Playa Saturno?

The second half of Puerto Rican superstar Rauw Alejandro’s latest global tour is kicking into high gear. In support of his latest album Playa Saturno, which was released on July 7th to serve as a spinoff to his chart-topping Saturno album dropped back in January of this year, the spin-off album contains all of the musician’s signature Reggaeton elements with cosmic exuberance and references to ’80s and ’90s freestyle, with featured artists including Ivy Queen, Jowell & Randy, and Junior H. The tour is set to run through Europe until November 2nd. With the third concert of the tour taking place in Barcelona, Spain on Friday, September 1st, VMAN got the ultimate peek into his show-ready process, moments before hitting the stage and belting out his iconic tracks.

Discover the full tour diary below!

Before every show Rauw Alejandro gets his body prepped by his team of professionals.
Praying before the show, next to his mother and team who accompany him before each show, this time was extra special because his mom was in town.
During Hayami Hana and Beso he had a special and touching moment with his fans.
Rauw started to sing ‘Reloj’ and showed his change of look by Lukes Thunder.
Rauw took his shirt and jacket off, going for his final show look from ACNE STUDIOS, styled by Chloe and Chenelle Delgadillo. He closed the show with his song ‘PUNTO 40’.

All Photography by Marco Perretta

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