Tove Lo is a bona fide popstar, known for her clever songwriting and infectious production which has led her to chart-topping success and a catalog that is chock-full of unapologetic anthems. In her most stripped-down body of work to date, Tove Lo has released ‘Dirt Femme (Stripped)‘, an acoustic EP extension from her 2022 album, Dirt Femme, where the musician has recorded a collection of songs from the album in a pared-down manner.

“You’ve asked me for an acoustic album so I thought… Why shouldn’t I give you what you want?” said Tove Lo on the new EP. “These are all emotional one takes recorded all over the world… at soundcheck, at home or elsewhere.”

The sound of the EP manages to shed the light on Tove Lo’s deep-cutting lyricism, showing the layer of emotion in her songwriting that often is armored by invigorating production. While Dirt Femme is full from start to finish with upbeat songs that were designed to dance to, the Stripped EP shows how the artist was grappling with mountainous emotions in the creation of the album. “No One Dies From Love (Stripped in France)” is a great example of the power in the acoustic EP, showing off the immense heartbreak that the musician was faced with before whipping it into a magical dance-pop track.

“When I was coming up, I would lean into my masculine traits, because it’s how I thought I would fit into every room of the boys’ club,” Tove Lo shared on the release of Dirt Femme last year. “However, that has shifted. The feminine traits of all people, not just women, are celebrated. And I have my own definition of feminine now. Honesty will wake emotion, so I love keeping the filters off. When you listen to Dirt Femme, I hope it makes you feel like dancing naked in the street and crying at the same time. That’s how it felt for me to write this. It’s every side of my femininity.”

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