Travis Barker Launches Skincare Collection, Barker Wellness

Pair with Lemme gummies for the ultimate Kardashian-Barker experience.

An unlikely competitor has entered the skincare market: Blink-182 drummer and Kourtney Kardashian partner Travis Barker. Likely known for his sprawling tattoos and grandiose Italian wedding, Barker is now spreading his wings and expanding into the wellness space. With the new five-product line, Barker brings ideas of luxury and bodily renewal to the already crowded field. 

Courtesy of Barker Wellness Co.

Ranging from $85 to $140, the line provide high-end alternatives to your everyday products with that signature Barker name. Plus, a secret ingredient: cannabinoids. Barker first discovered cannabinoids after non-stop touring, with his body wearing down. The Barker Wellness line attempts to harness the power of cannabinoids to jump-start personal rejuvenation and well-being. 

The line itself includes a 2-in-1 Face Mask and Cleanser ($95), Daily Moisturizer ($85), Eye Serum ($130), Face Serum ($115), and Renewal Balm ($140). Each is cannabinoid-infused, vegan, all-natural, fragrence-free and non-comedogenic. In sleek white packaging with the simple Barker Wellness logo, the products look classic and built to be used.

Courtesy of Barker Wellness Co.

It will be interesting to see whether Barker can make his mark in the overlarge market of celebrity skincare. Whether it be Hailey Bieber, Gwenyth Paltrow, or even sisters-in-law Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, it seems like everyone over a certain follower count has a skincare line. Maybe cannabinoids will be Barker’s golden ticket, pushing him to the front of the crop. Or, maybe Barker Wellness fades in with the rest.

The skincare line is now available to purchase on and

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