Travis Bott Bridges Culture, Art, and Fashion To Cryptocurrency

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The cryptocurrency industry has been one of the most flourishing industries in the last few years, as blockchain technology has yielded unprecedented benefits when implemented into various sectors. Travis Bott is a visionary in the cryptocurrency space, his company Beyond Global just reached a landmark partnership with CoinZoom.

This partnership gives crypto users something to be excited about, as such benefits are hard to find on many other exchanges.
Not only is CoinZoom the first U.S.-based company to offers its own Visa debit card, but this great new feature lets users earn rewards from Beyond Global’s incentive-based rewards program. Such elements are positioning Beyond Global to be at the forefront of the fast-evolving crypto space, as it is quickly becoming the choice company for direct sales.

The innovative features created by Bott are significantly impacting the way people make financial transactions, as they are able to gain monetary benefits through Beyond Wallet’s partnership with CoinZoom. Users are able to increase their earning capacity when another user makes a qualified transaction on the exchange, as well as 5 percent cashback.


Transaction fees are often the most dreaded aspect of a trade, however, Bott’s company gives each members a method to earn from such transaction fees, mitigating the costs associated with a trade. Users are able to do this based off the transaction fees of a larger pool of other members that are also trading on the exchange. Viable incentive programs are often hard to find on many existing exchanges- a large reason why Bott’s ingenuity has been permeating the field of crypto.


Another great aspect to CoinZoom is that members can make global transactions with other members, without incurring any fees or charges when using the ZoomMe feature on CoinZoom’s platform. The reach of Beyond Global encompasses six continents and ninety countries.Finding a trusted exchange with great features is often difficult even for the most seasoned crypto users, Bott’s creativity with CoinZoom is definitely something that will benefit crypto traders and users in the long run- from novices to experts. Bott continues to leave his mark on the crypto industry, his incentive programs are an important element for the widespread adoption of crypto, as adoption is considered to be the main ingredient for the growth of this industry. Bott is looking to expand his empire by creating new methods that make it easier for people to access money worldwide.

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