Travis Scott Drops Psychedelic New Track: “Highest in the Room”

Buckle up.

Travis Scott is about to take you on a trip with the drop of his latest single “Highest in the Room” and it’s dauntingly adventurous music video. The track was first teased in Kylie Jenner’s promotional video for the KYBROWS launch back in April, and now the sickening beat is finally out in all of its kaleidoscope glory. Directed by Dave Meyers and Travis himself, the accompanying cinematography illustrates a metaphorical interpretation of the lyrics through a mesmerizing journey of introspection.  

Under a dark, cloudy sky in the music video’s opening frame, Travis takes a deep drag of smoke as he stands in contemplation before a vast cityscape. Preparing for his next puff, the rap star literally inhales the viewer, sending you on a journey beyond his royal set of grills and into an altered universe of hazy dreaminess. Travis ascends into a subconscious realm in the following sequential scenes where he is kidnapped by a mafia of men in neon masks as he walks through a crowd of frozen strangers. Before he wakes up, you see visuals of his head in a dazed expression falling through a cluttered screen of ballooned faces. His eyes open to a strip club where colored lights and costumes ignite an explorative atmosphere as Travis raps, “She fill my mind up with ideas. I’m the highest in the room. Hope I make it outta here.” The scene shifts and Travis suddenly engages with newfound superpowers in a fight against a purple robot before climbing across metal platforms on top of a skyscraper, where he stands looking up into the murky sky, once again, for the final frame. 

“Highest in the Room” is the latest addition to Travis’ extensive repertoire of work this year. After giving us an inside look on the madness of the Astroworld tour and his simultaneous transition into fatherhood in his Netflix documentary Look Mom I Can Fly, Travis is nowhere near done as he continues to build on his accumulated success with this latest release. 

Embark on the cinematic journey yourself below. 


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