Travis Scott Facing Legal Repercussions After Astroworld Tragedy

Multiple lawsuits culminating to upwards of $2 billion have been filed.

A week has passed since the tragedy that took place at Travis Scott’s annual Astroworld music festival¬† in Houston, Texas. The events that took place claimed the lives of ten attendees, and left many more injured. Now, lawsuits have been filed against Travis Scott and others affiliated with the music festival on behalf of the victims.


In one lawsuit filed against Travis Scott, Drake, Live Nation, Apple, and others, attorney Thomas Henry represents over 200 plaintiffs seeking $2 billion. The lawsuit states that the $2 billion is for damages, and alleges that the festival planners did not do all that they could to minimize the risk of the attendees.


Another lawsuit representing over 100 plaintiffs was filed on behalf of Astroworld victims this past Tuesday by Tony Buzbee. This lawsuit asks for $750 million for loss of life as well as loss of mental and physical health.



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