Travis Taddeo Merges Fashion and Art with Fringe-Filled Capsule Collection

The designer unveiled an experimental collection at the Chase Contemporary during New York Fashion Week.

Fashion and fine art have always gone hand in hand. Whether it be motif-filled ready-to-wear or abstract sculptural references, the two medium are unrivaled in their ability to blur the lines between consumerism and creativity. For New York-based designer Travis Taddeo, these two realms came together for a multi-faceted presentation at New York Fashion Week. 

Joining forces with art gallery Chase Contemporary, Taddeo unveiled his latest collection, titled ‘Nothing & Nowhere.’ Against the backdrop of a must-see assortment of sculpture, painting, photography, and more, the veteran designer presented a concise capsule collection of upcycled, one-of-a-kind creations.

As guests roamed the ultra-crisp walls of the SoHo gallery and indulged in champagne, their attention shifted to an adjacent space where Taddeo showcased his vibrant pieces. Embodying the brand’s motto of ‘raw minimalism,’ the collection aimed to blur fashion and art while looking to individuality as inspiration. 

Fringe took center stage throughout the presentation, with monochromatic hints of gold and silver accenting the experimental, yet wearable, silhouettes. Too, the collection’s supple leathers were repurposed from previous projects over the brand’s decade-long existence. Not only toying with fringe, the designer employed a bevy of harness-inspired notions, seen mostly layered over the collection’s outerwear and oversized pieces. 

After the runway show, onlookers were able to view and purchase pieces from the collection in a see-now-buy-now concept that has become increasingly popular in the industry. While certain pieces from the capsule are undoubtedly not for the faint of heart, hints of athleisure and comfortable fabrics are sure to appeal to every type of consumer.

As society moves to digital outlets for artistic expression—NFTs, the Metaverse, and more—Taddeo’s night full of tangible art, fashion, and mingling was a welcomed, and refreshing sight. With an appreciation of fine art and a focus on desirable, statement-making pieces, Travis Taddeo celebrated a decade of business in style all the while laying out an exciting path forward.

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