Trevor Noah Shares Tips on Mail-In Ballots

“The Daily Show” host warns voters of simple mistakes which could invalidate their mail-in ballots.

Election season is in full swing, with the first of three presidential debates between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden having taken place. Among other topics, one area of discussion was mail-in voting; in unprecedented pandemic times, going to the polls on November 3 is out of the question for many people. So how can they make sure their votes count?

Trevor Noah took to The Daily Show to share tips on making sure your mail-in ballot counts—or that you’ll even receive one—before the general election. While the mail-in ballot system isn’t flawless, it’s reliable, and states who have been using the system for years affirm that any lost or miscounted ballots won’t affect the election results.

While Trump claimed that mail-in voting would lead to election fraud at the debates, Noah counters this, citing that though there are problems with mail-in voting, it’s not fraud. He urges voters to be aware of “all the little things that could get your vote thrown out,” including leaving out signatures or not filling in bubbles all the way.

Noah warns voters of things such as envelope problems, signatures not matching state records, and ballots arriving after the deadline as mistakes which could invalidate mail-in votes as well. 

“Hundreds of thousands of votes could get thrown out because of minor human errors,” said Noah. “Just from a missing signature to a partially filled bubble. […] Part of the problem is that there are a lot of little things you have to do and you have to get right for your ballot to count.” 

He presses the importance of reading the instructions for your state’s voting ballots; 9 states, for instance, require voters to request the ballots to be sent to them in advance. 

With more importance than ever being placed on voting in the 2020 election, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all the new voting requirements and restrictions in place because of COVID-19, but Trevor Noah reminds us that as long as voters are thorough and careful, your vote will count. He also says that if it is possible for you to vote in-person, especially with early voting to avoid crowds, that’s a foolproof way to ensure your vote counts.

Watch the full Daily Show segment with Trevor Noah above, and learn more about voting processes and registration for the 2020 election here.

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