True To Tradition: AMI’s Spring Summer 2023 Collection

Ami’s latest collection captured Paris’s iconic allure and free-spirited mood and the people who live there.

Presented on Seoul’s Gwanghwamun Square just a few moments after the sunset, Ami unveiled their latest Spring Summer 2023 Men’s and Womenswear Collection. Their first international debut since the pandemic, Ami arrived as a guest brand of Seoul Fashion Week. Set against an evocative background of the Bukaksan mountains and a runway carved from black wood, the set barred a sort of minor mirror effect. Positioned in the lawn in the center of the square, the concept fused indelible modernity with tradition. Guests sat perched on wooden stools coated with traditional Korean black lacquer – custom-made by Jungmo Seungyeon, a Seoul-based design studio. In hopes of transposing the concept in Seoul, the collection’s outdoor location reflected a solid cultural and sentimental signification,

Alexandre Mattiussi, AMI’s Founder and Creative Director, shared, “Seoul and South Korea are very much a part of our extended¬† I will never forget the warmth with which our Korean friends and customers have welcomed us when we first started, how quickly they have embraced AMI, its Parisian spirit and codes. Seoul is a city where a very special dichotomy reigns, a place where ancient traditions and modernism cohabit, with an amazing energy and an outstanding sense of style. This show is a way to thank our Korean friends for their fidelity, and at the same time it is an honor to be able to present our collections outside our Paris hometown to such an avant-garde and passionate audience.”

Rich in tradition and prominent house codes, AMI’s Alexandre Mattiussi embraced the labels distinctly joie-de-vivre essence and Parisian soul. Sexy and eclectic, exclusively designed pieces exuded a deliciously retro vibe from the early 60s. Versatile in color, the house trademarks Paris’s iconic allure and free-spirited mood and the people who live there. Shapes are pure and uncomplicated, refreshingly graphic in cut and proportion.¬†

Watch the full show below:

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