Reigning from one of K-pop’s hottest girl groups, TWICE’s Dahyun has now made her newest mark on the fashion industry with Michael Kors, being crowned as the brand’s newest Global Ambassador.

Dahyun has previous history with Michael Kors spanning over the last couple of seasons, in which she had been a loyal attendee during New York Fashion Week for the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter 2023 runway shows. For the upcoming Michael Kors Fall/Holiday 2023 campaign and the subsequent Spring/Summer collection, the artist will be in collaboration with the brand in her new role with anticipated social media teasers and brand appearances to follow.

Courtesy of Michael Kors

Her influence as a global music persona with her individualistic artistry, poise, and everyday style secured her recognized embodiment of the Michael Kors quintessence, with the designer himself saying “I’m excited to embrace the world of music and performance with Dahyun. She’s energetic, animated and has truly captured a global audience. From her incredible talent to her individual style, she’s the perfect representation of our brand.”

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