UGG x Children of Discordance Designs for the Unconventional

Winner of the 2018 Tokyo Fashion Award—Hideaki Shikama is tapped for the collaboration

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The shared ethos of rejecting the conventional is what first brought these brands together. The Southern California-based global lifestyle brand UGG, and the Japanese-based fashion brand Children of Discordance just announced their upcoming Autumn Winter 2022 Collaborative collection. 

Winner of the 2018 Tokyo Fashion Award—Hideaki Shikama drew inspiration for the footwear embellishments from the American West through a blending of contemporary, and historic designs. Children of Discordance is known for its repurposing of vintage wear and highly coveted designs. This design ethic paired alongside UGG’s trademark for soft materiality, and comfort generates the perfect artisan footwear.

The footwear collection features Hideaki Shikama’s embroidered designs, tasseled laces, and the signature Children of the Discordance metal badge atop the UGG’s classic sheepskin and suede. The weather durable footwear—available in both tan, and black, are paired with matching gloves which reflect the same design symbols, and metal ornamental detailing.

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The four style capsule ties together the designs of two diverse cultures coming together as one.  The collection will launch throughout Asia October 6th, and worldwide on December 1st.

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