Ukiyo’s ‘Good Enough’ Is An Escape Born in Isolation

Get a first listen of a sultry track that was forged in the fires of solitude.

The bouquet of decadent wine flows and swirling sands glide in the salty sea air of Australia’s beloved emerald city, Perth. Sunkissed and teeming with getaway experiences across a 1300-mile stretch, the coastal city is distinguished among globetrotters and Aussie locals as an oasis of solitude, where creatives and artists escape from it all and bask in the glow of fuchsia sunsets. Once The Guardian even called it the world’s “most isolated city”.

Skylines of Perth, Australia.

For one as reclusive and enigmatic as Australian pop-electronic dynamo Timothy Arnott who is known by his onstage moniker “Ukiyo”, the city made the perfect backdrop for the production of his freshest track, ‘Good Enough’. Already a force of nature at age 23, Arnott’s past accolades include deals with the likes of Netflix, HBO, Volkswagen, and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. He’s also garnered the influential support of Will Smith in addition to YouTube vlogging authority, Casey Neistat. Despite all his accolades and supporters, it’s the majestic setting that plays the most dynamic role in the colorful soundscapes Arnott creates.

“The location is really something and I wouldn’t want to trade it for anything.” Arnott tells V Man. “I can drive 30 minutes from my house and be at a secluded beach or out in the bush.  It’s really a wonder for inspiration and creativity, but that isolation is certainly a double edged sword when I’m trying to meet and work with people.”

Out today on Pack Records, ‘Good Enough’ is a fitting tribute to our time for two key reasons. First, it experiments with raw grit and melting emotion with a sultry cadence, while managing to stay true to the artists pop sensibilities. Second, the track was forged in the fires of self-imposed isolation prior to the pandemic outbreak so it’s a fitting source of warmth for those seeking asylum under similarly lonely circumstances today.

“I’ll often lock myself away in the studio for weeks on end and hardly see people at all but that little bit of social interaction is really something I didn’t realise I needed until I couldn’t get it in isolation.” Arnott shared as he reflected on his time in solitude. “There were a few weeks there where I started feeling seriously crazy.”

Rather than let his own mind get the better of him (as many of us tend to), Arnott channels his angst into genuine bliss. Now a recognized virtuoso of the feel-good anthem who often finds himself most at peace blanketed in his own solitude, Arnott’s message of contentment on the track is underscored by the charismatic bravado of vocals from bi-sexual Filipina songstress and Crush Club label leviathan, Maribelle.

Also Australia-based, Maribelle’s appearances on tracks such as Djemba Djemba’s “Shout” and Young Franco’s “Miss You” cemented her place among breakthrough titans of electro pop, but numerous fans are familiar with her heat on Carmada’s heavy-handed track “On Fire” which was released via Skrillex’s OWSLA label in 2014. She’s also rubbered necks on tours with the likes of Young Franco, Kaytranada, and the internationally acclaimed rapper Illy. Over Arnott’s chilled cadences, Maribelle’s contributions to the song blend seamlessly with a stylish flair, further distinguishing the track from its peers.

“The original demo of the track was called ‘Follow’.” Arnott said of his creative process. “I usually name and picture my demos as moments in a film and this one was a kind’ve moment when a character shows you a better way to look at things. Maribelle came onboard and brought exactly what the track needed and ‘Good Enough’ was born.”

For an introverted wiz-kid like Arnott, isolation is a source of solace and serenity. Not a heavy stressor or something to be feared. Moreover, he has learned to channel the sentiments conjured alone into experimentation with new techniques and styles. The fact is it both fuels his creative process and affords him “more freedom to try things” that in the presence of friends and collaborators he might otherwise be too shy to try.

As a first look at a larger upcoming album release timed for the Fall, the song offers a rarely seen side to Arnott who through this work draws on his many talents and the skyline adorned sunscapes along the tropical shore. With the catchy lyrics, undulating grooves, and the uplifting message found in the track, “Good Enough” is a steamy serenade harkening back to carefree times on the dancefloor. It also serves as a reminder that despite the shadowy depressing perils of our time, music-lovers always have the power to follow their ears out of the darkness of being alone.

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