UNIQLO Donates AIRism Innerwear Products to Medical Professionals

Over 20,000 units were sent to New York City.

As a gesture of appreciation for those who are at the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis, UNIQLO USA recently donated 20,000 units of AIRism innerwear products to health care workers in New York City. 

“UNIQLO wishes to take this opportunity to share our heartfelt thanks for all the hospital workers and first responders who are on the frontlines to combat this crisis,” said Hiroshi Taki, CEO of UNIQLO USA, in a statement. “New York is our home where we first opened our doors in the U.S., and the most vulnerable region in the U.S. affected by the virus. We are honored to show our appreciation for their tireless and heroic work to keep our community safe, with apparel designed to make their daily life a little more comfortable.” 

The AIRism innerwear products, including short sleve V-necks shirts and sleeveless tops, were delivered to Montefiore Health System and NYC Health + Hospitals. UNIQLO’s AIRism line “keeps you dry as it wicks moisture, releases heat, and absorbs sweat.” 

With its comfort conditioning technology, as well as self-deodorizing and stretchy material, the AIRism products will provide medical professionals with ease and flexibility throughout their shifts. 

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