Unique Bouquets for Valentine's Day

Unique Bouquets for Valentine's Day

Unique Bouquets for Valentine's Day

We've gathered the most unique bouquets for a Valentine's gift that'll stand out.

We've gathered the most unique bouquets for a Valentine's gift that'll stand out.

Text: Ellie Beeck

Image via 1-800 Flowers.

This succulent garden is the perfect Valentine's gift for the person who is so over roses. You can reuse the heart-shaped resin planter even after the succulents die (which won't be for at least a year with proper care).

Available here  for $64.99.

Williams Sonoma Pink Rose Garden Hearth Wreath

Image via Williams Sonoma.

This hand-assembled pink heart wreath screams love. Crafter with air-dried botanicals and herbs, this unique wreath is as fragrant is it is thoughtful.

Available here for $99.95.

Fresh Sends "The Send"

Image via Fresh Sends.

Fresh Sends are this years trendiest flower delivery service. For a fixed price of $60, send a hand selected bouquet (the arrangements change daily) anywhere in the country, perfect for long distance relationships or friendships. A full order comes with 24 to 27 stems.

Order here.

lovepop Watercolor Rose Bouquet

Image via lovepop.

This bouquet is allergen-friendly and will last forever, because it's made out of paper. This is perfect if you are looking for a unique, budget-friendly option that is sure to stand out amongst other Valentine's Day classics. It would also make a fun, albeit large, Valentine's card.

Available here for $24.

We Take the Cake Spring Mini Cake Bouquets 

Image via Bergdorf Goodman.

These mini cakes with buttercream flowers aren't exactly a bouquet, and they technically are spring florals, but we wouldn't be opposed to receiving them as a Valentine's gift.

Available here for $80.

The Only Roses Long Stem One Dozen Roses Bouquet 

Image via The Only Roses.

These are probably the least unique flowers in this group, but no Valentine's round up would be complete without long stem roses. This set comes in an elegant box, and the roses will last up to FIVE years. Yup, FIVE.

Available here for $639.

Eternal Fleur Heart Bloom

Image via Eternal Fleur.

Eternal roses have become somewhat of a Valentine's staple over the past several years. This set reimagines the classic with another Valentine's favorite: a candle. The best of both worlds!

Available here for $425.

Idlewild Catalina Bouquet  

image via Idlewild.

This beautiful preserved bouquet is a unique mix of gold Banksia and other bright dried flowers. Because they have already completed the natural preservation process, these flowers will last for up to a year.

Available here, prices range for $65 to $285.

Sweet Chocolate Covered Donut & Cake Pop Bouquet

Image via 1-800 Flowers.

Another one that we wouldn't hate to get...this donut and cake pop bouquet is perfect as gift-to-self, or even as a sweet treat for a younger family member or friend.

Available here for $54.99.

Olive & Cocoa Jolie Le Coeur

Image via Olive & Cocoa.

This arrangement would make a perfect centerpiece. It features a hand-stained wooden box with green moss and carefully arranged blooms, including red roses and fuchsia carnations.

Available here for $138.

Brooklyn Stems Dried Flower Power

Image via Brooklyn Stems.

Again, not a bouquet, but this adorable kit would make for the perfect Valentine's Day activity. Use dried flowers to hand-dye your own 100 percent silk scarf in a natural way. Plus, you'd be supporting a small business.

Available here for $80.

Dylan's Candy Bar Luxe Chocolate Rose Bouquet

Image via Dylan's Candy Bar.

A dozen milk chocolate roses wrapped in shimmering red foil and rolled in a paper wrap make this non-bouquet perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Available here for $85.

Noshinku Valentine's Spicy Sanitizer Bouquet

Image via Noshinku.

Had to throw this one in for COVID Valentine's Day round two (or technically, is it three?). This "bouquet" features two luxurious hand sanitizer sprays in bergamot and spice scents, as well as two refill packs. As Noshinku says, "Stay clean, love more."

Available here for $48.

Credits: Cover image by Melanie + Ramon


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