United Colors of Benetton Captures Infinity

The Fall-Winter 2023 collection puts on a seemingly-infinite display at Milan Fashion Week.

How do you define infinity? The general definition speaks to the concept of infinity as something that is limitless, neverending. For Andrea Incontri’s second United Colors of Benetton show, the Italian designer illustrates infinity by an endless cycle of products, values and aesthetics – each addition evolving the brand’s tradition. 

In a nod to Benetton’s industrial heritage, the collection pays close attention to wearability and material, building a stylish line of apparel and accessories for the season. 

Beginning with a strong display of tailoring – tonal toned and houndstooth checked jackets, trousers and coats – Incontri then turns to workwear. Here, overalls, garment-dyed canvas skirts and jackets meet contrasting stitching, building an rougher aesthetic. 

Clean, precise cuts are matched with interchangeable prints and neutrals. Several saturated shades fill the collection’s polychromy, such as ultramarine blue, primrose yellow, emerald green and hot pink. In a solid, repetitive pulse of symbols, geometric shapes and patterns, the collection recognizes two of the world’s perpetual cycles – nature and industrial production. 

Centering on three main figurative themes, the rabbit, the flower and the mushroom, United Colors of Benetton features stylized designs of these beings, used as jacquard inserts and patterns. Pulling all of these moving parts together are the accessories, which come in glossy or mirrored varieties – bags, platforms and footwear – or plush editions – furry belts, bags and shoes. In a final push of coherence, enameled costume jewelry featuring the similar prints, adds a touch of detail. 

And if it seems like the pieces just keep coming and coming and coming, almost infinitely…that’s the point. 

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