Colors are no stranger to Benetton, so there was no surprise to see the label take on an imaginative shape in the Spring/Summer 2024 collection. Creative Director Andrea Incontri entitled the collection “BE ON”- an expression of the Benetton world since its debut in 1965, and the emphasis on fashion by and for everyone addressing a modern community made up of multi-ethnic and multi-generational families who highlight the essence of Benetton.

Knitwear is found in the indispensable new basics, while iconic staples like the piqué and jersey polo shirts are produced. Preppy and functional styles are incorporated in white classic gilets, cardigans, and culottes.

A staple print for the Benetton label is stripes, propagated in a variety of styles including crochet, embellished with lurex threads, or printed onto a 60s-inspired swimsuit. The vanisè technique plays with color and punching, representing a figure-emphasized evolution of the historic pin-up sweater.

Colors are both bold and confectionary, creating an aesthetically pleasing collection suitable for a summer family vacation or a Spring Break trip to Miami.

The standout details of the collection exude off of quirky prints. Bananas, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, daisies, and dahlias are seen in daring formations. These prints are painted in oil all over or in 3D, with obsessional repetition, creating another iconic mark for the brand.

Offerings in the collection are 3D accessories like the Be Bag, and the new Pillow Bag- a delicate shoulder bag that reflects the vision of a “nest”.

United Colors of Benetton’s Spring/Summer 2024 is a continual display of the brand’s distinctive motif, offering colorful style for everyone with each collection.

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