Unveiling Matthew Williams’ Givenchy Debut

And it’s little more familiar than you may think.

The collection we’ve been waiting for since American designer Matthew M. Williams was appointed creative director of French luxury house Givenchy, Williams’ debut is a tease of what’s to come under his creative eye.

With nods to Givenchy’s founder, Hubert de Givenchy, and past creative directors, such as Lee Alexander McQueen, Williams’ collection is an homage just as much as a breath of fresh air. The streetwear designer shows off his strength in accessories, introducing various innovative bags, some updated takes on past Givenchy staples.

The hardware details in this collection are also a highlight, bringing forward new design details but giving off the feeling that everything is just clicking together in this collection. Partially inspired by lover’s locks, which decorate the Pont des Arts bridge across the Seine, the locks and hardware in this collection symbolize a deeper unity, between the past and the present, between Williams’ and Givenchy’s respective histories.

In this presentation, the people are as important as the clothes, thanks to photographer Heji Shin. The models pose, their bodies forming different structures, personality peeking through in some while coyly hiding in others. The collection has its playful moments, while there’s an overall elegance to the structure and styling, a refined nature, an enhancement of the brand we know and love.

The collection is filled with new styles, new beginnings reflecting Williams’ own new beginning, with some refined elements from former Givenchy collections. The horn motifs tie into McQueen’s fantastical collections while the open backs and linear necklines reference Hubert de Givenchy’s own signature styles. Before Matthew Williams can bring us his own distinct take on Givenchy, he first pays homage to Givenchy’s history, hinting at the stylistic elements and feelings he hopes to bring forth in the future. This Spring/Summer 2o21 collection honors everything Givenchy has been, while leading it into a new direction, a celebration of what it will be.


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