Up Your Mouth Bling With These Must-Have Tooth Gems 

From rap greats like Drake to models like Hailey Beiber, tooth gems are the new jewelry trend. 

As the resurgence of the ‘90s and 200’s comes back into full swing, it’s no surprise that tooth gems are making their return. From big-time musicians, such as Halsey, to influencers such as Kylie Jenner, the teeth of the Hollywood elite are dazzling once more. 

For those who are unfamiliar with the trend, a tooth gem is a small gem that is glued to the outer enamel of a tooth. Semi-permanent tooth gems are applied the same way as braces. An acid solution is placed on the desired tooth and roughens the enamel. After, the tooth gem is placed onto the tooth with an adhesive and cured under a curing lamp. Permanent tooth gems require a hole to be drilled into the tooth for the gem to sit, so make sure that you’re 100% certain about your decision before opting for the permanent option. 

As tooth gems become one of 2022’s most popular trends, here are some must-have tooth gems to begin blinging up your mouth. 

Image Courtesy of Trebbih

Swarovski Tooth Crystals by Trebbih

Most of the celebrities you see with tooth gems have Swarovski Tooth Crystals. These chic crystals are the perfect beginner tooth gem. They come in an assortment of colors and are simple enough for you to get used to the feeling of the tooth gem. 

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Image Courtesy of Tooth Kandy

Long Crystal Butterfly Kit by Tooth Kandy 

Looking for something a bit more intricate? The Long Crystal Butterfly Kit from Tooth Kandy is the perfect way to add a bit of spice to your teeth. Coming in a sleek clear crystal, the kit has all the pieces you need to form a sleek butterfly. Place the entire kit on one tooth for a single gem look, or split between two teeth for a symmetrical design. 

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Image Courtesy of Trebbih

Vivienne Westwood Inspired by Trebbih

When it comes to tooth jewelry, go big or go home. Bring a classy designer look to your teeth the Vivienne Westwood Inspired gem from Trebbih. Coming in stark yellow gold, this gem is shaped like the iconic Westwood Orb. Not only will this gem grab attention, but it also stands apart from the crystal trend. 

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Image Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

The Original DIY Tooth Gem Starter Kit by Gemzeez

If you’re looking for a beginner kit, the Gemzeez Original DIY Tooth Gem Starter Kit is the way to go. The kit includes 6 Swarovski crystals, a curing lamp, adhesive, cotton rounds, and other tools to help you achieve the perfect tooth gem. 

Shop the Original DIY Tooth Gem Started Kit here


Image Courtesy of True Radiance

Tooth Gems and Charms Starter Kit Set by Tru Radiance

If you’re ready to commit to the tooth gem trend, this Tru Radiance kit is a must-have. Complete with 196 starter kit charms, the opportunities are endless. The kit includes a mix of Swarovski crystals, opals, gold charms, and other gems. The designs range from simple gems to icons, such as an Evil Eye, to brand logos. This kit is the perfect way to give yourself fun options to try out this new trend. 

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Image Courtesy of DENTIX Solutions

Swarovski Crystal Colored Heart Tooth Gems by DENTIX Solutions 

You can’t go wrong with a classic heart. DENTIX Solutions has created the perfect Swarovski crystal heart for your teeth. Coming in a 3mm size, the gems are dainty and will give you an elegant tooth gem. The gems come in a range of colors, from a deep sapphire blue to a gorgeous ruby red. This gem keeps the design simple but does so in an elegant way. 

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Image Courtesy of Twinkles

Bunny White Gold by Twinkles 

To play into the Y2K aesthetic of the tooth gem, a bunny is a way to go. Twinkles bring a Y2K take to the 2022 trend with the white gold bunny gem. Shaped like a Playboy Bunny, this gem is simple, yet intriguing. Paired with a white background, this gem makes a great topic of conversation and is very on-brand with the streetwear style of today. 

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Image Courtesy of Gemzeez

Crystal Clear Star Design Kit by Gemzeez 

Rounding out the list is the Crystal Clear Star Design Kit from Gemzeez. This kit comes with the essentials for tooth gem application and four iridescent stars. The iridescent stars attract light, allowing them to look different colors depending on where you are. These tooth gems are the perfect way to have a design that’s not too wild, but not basic and boring.

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