New Moon In Leo: An Influx Of Positivity and Prominence

Walk your walk. Talk your talk. Embrace your lioness.

Symbol: The Lion
Ruling Planet and House: The Sun, 5th House of Romance and Self Expression
Element: Fire
Mode: Fixed
Associated Word: “Creating”

Moon Stones For Leo New Moon Manifesting: Peridot, Tiger Eye, and Sunstone.

On July 28th, the new moon in Leo promotes the vitality and courage to open the door to an influx of positive and creative endeavors promoted that we open ourselves up to receiving them. In Western Astrology, the New Moon is the first planting of the seed, shooting it shot will still remain underground. During this phase, the world is yours to leave your imprint on. With the Moon and Sun conjunct and in the sign of Leo, the possibility for implementing notable positive change is super-charged. Not to mention, this new moon is connecting with Jupiter, the planet of positivism, hope, and morality.

Note: Whichever house in your natal birth chart in which this New Moon occurs is the area of your life in which you gotta step up your game. Don’t be afraid to shine!


Given that the Sun rules over Leo in the 5th house of self-expression and romance, this season is a perfect time to take action to make your dreams a reality. Leo has great energy, courage, and honesty and exemplifies the potential to possess great integrity as a natural-born leader. During this period, you may feel safer when you have the ability to impress others with the possibility of gaining praise and admiration. Though, when in the spotlight, you may find yourself confused or lost. Resisting any need for control and admitting your fear of criticism may help you to let go of the need to control others’ reactions towards you. By opening your arms wide and recognizing that not all feedback is a direct attack on you but rather a useful resource to better yourself, your potential vastly expands.

In Western (Tropical) Astrology, the Sun represents the self, and it can also symbolize both the ego and the soul’s purpose. In Vedic Astrology, the Sun represents authority, power, and ego. The Sun energies your entire chart, and planets in close relationship to the Sun (check your aspects) are illuminated in your personality. If the Sun is prominent in your chart, you most likely will exhibit greater power to do and to be.

With Leo’s association with the element of fire, a masculine sign (yang), this is not the time to detach or neglect any creative epiphanies. The very nature of fire is a radiant form of energy exuding light to the world around it. Therefore the capacity for unstoppable will and determination to run the show is apparent with fire signs. As seen through Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius, these individuals are honest to a fault, freedom-loving, and often insist on the truth of their own perspective.

Leo’s are likely to express themselves in dramatic, creative, and assertive persona. They are likely to enjoy the warmth of the Sun (more than usual) and possess considerable energy and courage. Through this gift, Leos are susceptible to self-indulgence as they often expect to be the center of attention (and are usually). By harnessing egotistical tendencies and aiming to replace that with humility, these individuals can healthily broadcast their abundant energy and enhance their life and others around them.

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