Upgrade Your Phone’s Fashion With These Trendy Phone Cases

Who said you can’t use your phone as an accessory?

Our phones are the one accessory we bring with us everywhere. They’re our pocket-sized lifelines, but can also be a great accessory. Since our phones are with us every day, why not make them a key part of our outfits? Whether you’re looking for a conversation starter, or want a sleek-looking case for the office, here are 10 must-have fashionable phone cases.

Image Courtesy of Wildflower Cases

City of Angels by Wildflower Cases x Frankie’s Bikinis

When it comes to phone cases, Wildflower Cases are a must-have. The brand’s iconic designs are taking over Instagram. Celebrities, such as Halsey, Bella Hadid, and Claudia Sulewski, all sport their designs. Founders Sydney and Devon Carlson look to the beach aesthetics of Frankie’s Bikinis for their latest collaboration. The City of Angels phone case combines the youthful and playful motifs of Wildflower Cases with the Y2K aesthetic of Frankie’s Bikinis. This case features blue, pink, and white airbrushed flowers, that are reminiscent of airbrush t-shirt designs you’d find at a beachside shop, making it the perfect case for summer. 

Shop the City of Angels case here

Image Courtesy of Casetify

Purple Butterfly Town Case by Olivia Rodrigo x Casetify 

Olivia Rodrigo is one of it girls of 2022. Her pop-punk style has made her a fashion icon of the modern age. You can take a piece of her style and incorporate it into your everyday life with her exclusive Casetify phone case collection. While all the designs are unique, the Purple Butterfly Town Case takes the cake. The clear phone case is covered in purple butterflies that give off a Y2K vibe. The case allows Rodrigo fans to show their support, and it doubles as a cool accessory. The case is the perfect way to elevate your style and add a touch of Rodrigo’s cool girl flair. 

Shop the Purple Butterly Town Case here.  

Image Courtesy of Velvet Caviar

Gray Stardust Samsung Case by Velvet Caviar 

With all the new colors phones come in now, sometimes we want to show them off. However, having a clear phone case isn’t always the vibe. Velvet Caviar spruces up the clear phone case with the Gray Stardust Samsung Case. This clear case features gorgeous sparkles to add an extra bit of shine to your phone. This case displays your cool phone color and makes your phone an eye-catching accessory. 

Shop the Gray Stardust Samsung Case here

Image Courtesy of Urban Sophistication

The Puffer Case by Urban Sophistication 

If you have not seen this case on your Instagram explore page, you must be living under a rock. Seen on the phones of celebrities, such as Dua Lipa, The Puffer Case from Urban Sophistication is a must-have. Taking inspiration from the iconic North Face puffer, this case is perfect for any weather. The phone case features the same puffs as a typical puffer jacket, allowing your hand to fit snugly against it. This is a phone case that’s sure to attract attention, without stepping too far out of your comfort zone. 

Shop The Puffer Case here.

Image Courtesy of Flaunt Cases

Tortoise Print Square Galaxy Case by Flaunt Cases

You can never go wrong with a classic print. Tortoiseshell is a print that will never go out of style. It’s elegant, yet still youthful, and is easy to pair with other accessories. The Tortoise Print Square Galaxy Case by Flaunt Cases is sharp, sleek, and stylish. The square case provides a professional silhouette, while the tortoiseshell adds a touch of intrigue. The deep brown highlights the bright amber shades perfectly. If you’re not looking for a case with a bold design, but still want something other than a solid color, this is the perfect option for you.

Shop the Tortoise Print Square Galaxy Case here

Image Courtesy of Burga

Flower Power Google Pixel 6 Pro Case by Burga 

Playful swirls and ‘60s designs have been all the rage recently. Pastel and neon pink, orange, and yellow are having a moment right now, and Burga is taking notes. The Flower Power Google Pixel 6 Pro Case is a fun pop of color to add to your phone. Using swirling strips, and the perfect mix of pastel pink, yellow, and neon orange, this is the perfect case to spice up your phone. It can be a nice way to bring color to a monochrome outfit or can be used to tie different colors together.

Shop the Flower Power Google Pixel 6 Case here

Image Courtesy of Society6

Retro Liquid Swirl Abstract in Black and Almond Cream 2 Android Case by Society6

When it comes to finding trendy phone cases for Androids, the search seems impossible. All the options are either way too bulky or don’t have any designs. Society6 is changing the game with the Retro Liquid Swirl Abstract case. This case elevates the simple stripe design by having swirling lines. The cream and black colorway add a cool girl aesthetic, making this phone case one for the Pinterest boards.

Shop the Retro Liquid Swirl Abstract in Black and Almond Cream 2 Android Case here.

Image Courtesy of Pela Case

Lavender Google Pixel 6 Phone Case by Pela Case 

While phone cases are a great way to protect your phone from getting destroyed, they’re not the most sustainable product. Most phone cases on the market are made from plastic and other materials that harm the earth. Pela Case is changing this with their sustainable phone cases. Pela Cases uses Flaxstic, a material made from compostable bioplastic elastomer and flax straw materials. Not only are these cases sustainable, but they’re compostable too. Their Lavender Google Pixel 6 case is a beautiful bright lavender shade that features specs of the Flaxstic material to bring an earthy feel to the product. If shopping sustainably is one of your priorities, Pela Case is the phone case brand for you.

Shop the Lavender Google Pixel 6 Phone Case here

Image Courtesy of SSENSE

White Logo iPhone X Case by Raf Simmons 

If you’re looking to invest in a case that’s a subtle designer flex, this Raf Simmons is a must-have. Made for the iPhone X, this case brings the Raf Simmons aesthetic to your phone. Made from silicone, the case is comfortable to have in your hand, and won’t weigh you down. The design has a vintage feel, with the billowing rose motif. The middle of the case reads “Nomophobic”, which is a phobia people have when they get detached from mobile phone connectivity. The design itself is ironic, but it’ll be a conversation starter. 

Shop the White Logo iPhone X Case here

Image Courtesy of Valerie Constance

iPhone 13 Series Designer Case by Valerie Constance

If you’re looking for a simple and sleek phone case that still stands out, look no further. Valerie Constance provides a classic look with the Designer Case collection. Made from smooth leather, this case elevates your phone from basic to sophisticated. The interior of the phone case has a plastic frame, creating a sturdy and protective backing for your phone. What makes this case unique is that you can personalize it with a hot stamp of your initials. If you’re looking for a way to bring a touch of personality to your phone, without going overboard, this is the case for you.

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