Angela, Dakota LINDVALL & Sebastian Edwards

All clothing and accessories BENETTON

“My favorite memories are of raising my sons in Topanga Canyon, California.
In nature, riding dirt bikes, and raising chickens…all the fun games they would play and the costumes they would make. I especially loved our dance parties in the living room when they were little.”

All clothing and accessories BENETTON

“I love traveling the world with my boys. They were great travelers from a young age. It was wonderful exploring cultures and places and witnessing how it opened their eyes to different types of people and ways of life.” —Angela

Olivia Petersen & Kristin Patrick

“My mom is the woman I aspire to be as I get older. She goes through the world with kindness and grace which is something a lot of people lack. She has taught me the importance of being a thoughtful, powerful woman and given me the tools to do so. My mom is truly the most beautiful person inside and out.” —Olivia

All clothing and accessories BENETTON

“We have this photograph of Liv when she was about three years old. She is standing in the middle of one of those surprise water fountains and all the kids around her are crouching scared from the water spray, but not Liv. Liv is in the middle of the water, stomping around and laughing hysterically. Pure. Unbridled. Bliss. That is the essence of who she is.” —Kristin

Sam Davis & Josh Copi 

All clothing and accessories BENETTON

“Growing up, my family taught me it’s important to care for feelings. Many times when I’ve been down they’ve picked me back up. I hope to teach my family that they don’t need to worry about things. Everything is going to be okay.” —Sam

Chris Baker & John Federspiel

All clothing and accessories BENETTON

“We met at a straight nightclub in Hollywood ten years ago. We caught each other’s eye, smiled, and went on our first date the next day. When Chris left with his friends that night, he said ‘I’m gonna marry him.’” —John

Swap, Blem, Jru’angelo & Heavn Larrazabal

All clothing and accessories BENETTON

“Long before my wife and I ever met, it seemed our lives overlapped. Her dad taught at the place where I’d practice b-boying and a lot of my big homies knew [him] personally. Blem even worked across the street from my family’s apartment a couple of months before we started dating.” —Swap

Siyon & Shalom Foster

All clothing and accessories BENETTON

“I appreciate the two different sides of us. German on my mom’s side and African American on my dad’s—so the stories are endless.” —Shalom

This story appears in the pages of V144: now available for purchase!

Photography Damien Ropero

Fashion Nicola Formichetti

Makeup Lilly Keys (A-Frame)

Hair Florido Basallo III (The Only Agency)

Talents Angela Lindvall (IMG), Dakota Lindvall (IMG), and Sebastian Edwards, Siyon Foster (AMR) and Shalom Foster (Storm), Sam Davis and Josh Copi (Wrenn Management), Olivia Petersen (IMG) and Kristin Patrick, Chris Baker (Storm) and John Federspiel, Swap (Nomad Management), Blem, Jru’angelo Larrazabal, and Heavn Larrazabal Executive producer Dana Brockman (viewfinders)

Production manager Frank DeCaro (viewfinders)

On-set producers Robbi Chong, Din Morris

Casting Director Shaun Beyen (Plus Three Two)

Digital technician Sean Deckert

Photo assistants Nick Tooman, Joe Beckley

Stylist assistant Brianna Dooley

Makeup assistants Elaina Karras, Kimmie Harding

Hair assistants Julia Bernabe, Amanda Alossi

Casting assistant Raphael Rosenthal (Plus Three Two)

Retouching Artifces

Location Milk Studios 

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