V Are The World: Stockholm

Stylist, Gro Curtis summons “pagan poetry” in Dior Spring/Summer 2020 Collection.

“V Are The World,” a photography series by Gro Curtis, travels around the globe shooting the latest fashion collections. Hailing from the photographer, Marcus Ohlsson’s private residence just outside of Stockholm, this first installment intrigues the natural elements such as fire, water, stone, and the whimsical summer sky in Sweden.

Curtis reminisces about the three-person shoot, “There was no hair and no make-up. Marcus did photos but his lovely wife was helping to dress our model while I was on FaceTime video consulting.”

This specific Dior collection was an homage to Mr. Dior’s obsession with gardening. A true testament to a Scandinavian summer, whimsical florals, and plant prints hug the embroider on the dresses like vines. “There is something magical in Scandinavian summer,” says Curtis.”The Sun never goes down completely,  so light is very poetic and mysterious and when you add our model’s natural beauty, fire & rocks it really gets enchanting.”

Evelina Lauren wears Dior throughout.

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