V Boys: Virgil Abloh Presents Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2020

Abloh’s pre-collection for Louis Vuitton Men’s explores the cusp of adulthood. Here, V take the range for a test drive.

“Most specifically, it’s about focusing on the traditional fitted silhouette of men’s tailoring and creating intrigue within this silhouette. There are signature codes which people equate to tradition, just like the equivalent exists in what’s popularly defined as streetwear. As with any tradition, these values are adapted through the passage of time. We’re using our creative freedom to experiment with the traditional codes of Louis Vuitton.” —Virgil Abloh

Jeenu Mahadavan

DNA Models

“In these last few years, I’ve spent a significant time abroad and living and travelling on my own. That’s something I never thought I’d do, and I’m really happy I did. One [milestone] that I haven’t achieved, but definitely want to achieve in the near future, is buying an apartment. I feel [most myself] in a hoodie—a well-fitting one is hard to find for a tall, lanky dude like me. They make me feel weirdly bougie, in a good way.”

Wellington Grant

The Society Management

“I’m from Portland, Oregon and I’m based in New York City. My most stoke-heavy milestone as an adult has been renting my own apartment, and understanding you really have to buy things like paper towels.

For me, second-hand fashion is everything. If I were to throw on some big, loose-fit pants, converse and a sweatshirt, I’d be set. [When] I feel powerful and relaxed, no one can stop me!”


Malick Bodian

DNA Models

Today, I’m wearing a very warm jacket from Louis Vuitton. The item I own that makes me feel most like an adult is a ring given to me by my grandfather. My current location is Paris, but if I was to be in one place this summer, I’d want to be in my motherland of Zinginchor, Senegal. My goal this year is to buy a house for my mom.


All clothing Louis Vuitton available for purchase.

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