Birthday bash with Isabella Fontana.

In celebration of the Brazilian model’s birthday, V looks back at the archive to release #V66: the next installment of our Collector’s Club. Back in 2010, Derek Blasberg sat with Isabeli Fontana to discuss the word ‘sexy’ in all its meanings. Catch a glimpse of the issue with the full interview below.

DEREK BLASBERG What’s the first thing you think of when I say the word sexy? 

ISABELI FONTANA Sexy to me means how you act and the way you present yourself to the world. Sexy means being in love! 

DB Who is the sexiest woman you know? 

IF Angelina Jolie. Her personality, strength, and the way she conducts herself is really sexy. 

DB Who is the sexiest man? 

IF Marcelo Falcao, my boyfriend. He is so confident and he has such a unique way of carrying himself. 

DB In your life, when have you felt the sexiest? 

IF I actually feel the sexiest right now. I am so in love, and the feeling of being loved increases how sexy I feel 

DB What is your definition of sexy? Is it only physical? 

IF Sexy can be defined in many ways. You have to be confident in your physical character and your personality. 

DB Some people say showing skin is sexy, others say leaving something to the imagination is sexier. What do you think? 

IF I definitely think it”s sexier to let the imagination run wild. 

DB What’s the sexiest thing in your closet? 

IF I have an amazing corset that I wear with Kiki de Montparnasse panties and a pair of custom-made black leather lattice cutout gloves for a very special night with my boyfriend 

DB Who is the sexiest designer?

IF Balmain and Versace. 

DB Can anyone be sexy? 

IF Anyone who loves life and has an appreciation for it is sexy! 

DB What tips would you give someone on being sexy? 

IF I would say it is all about how you compose yourself. Confidence plays a key role when you want to feel sexy. 


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