Whatever the occasion, whatever the statement you intend to make, we have the perfect outfit for you.

Whatever the occasion, whatever the statement you intend to make, we have the perfect outfit for you.

Text: Chloe Laguette

The holidays are a trying time for all of us. Whether you're mentally preparing to face a table of 30 relatives (some of which you may disagree with politically...) or hosting a cozy Friendsgiving because cross-country flights for carb loading just don't justify the cost, the perfect holiday ensemble is absolutely vital for a perfect Thanksgiving. We all know that the conversation starts with the sartorial statement you make at the dinner table. In other words, your outfit matters. Below, we've selected multiple options of looks to serve alongside the turkey.

1. The Black Sheep

Give your conservative family exactly what they wouldn't expect— a fit that almost has you, quite literally, covered head to toe. However, this Balenciaga ensemble is far from boring. You're guaranteed to stand out from the pleat dresses and turtlenecks with a bold print and bolder shape— perfect for affirming your position as the wild card at the dinner table.

2. The Crowd Favorite

Steering in the complete opposite direction as the black sheep, the crowd favorite is here to please, not piss off the family affair. In this chic but sweet YSL dress, you can present yourself as the sweet, harmless post-grad, slowly sipping red wine as you attempt to keep peace at the table. When you finally start to introduce the endless array of accomplishments you've achieved since last Thanksgiving, the table will have open ears.

3. The Overdressed

A salute to the Hadid's Beetlejuice tribute, come completely decked out to your Thanksgiving dinner this year. Personally, we think this idea is best for a Friendsgiving, to cheer the holiday blues by donning evening gowns like this sultry Tom Ford, breaking out the fine china, and naturally, chugging lots of wine.

4. The Low-Key

For a casual, small affair, stick to a comfortable and classy two-piece ensemble, like this Marni sweater and pants. Dress it up a bit with statement jewelry and flat shoes. Going this route is perfect if you're not going anywhere special, such as a dinner with your closest family members or friends.


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