V Exclusive: Maria Grazia Chiuri and Adesuwa Aighewi

In the exclusive video, Maria Grazia Chiuri outlines her approach to finding local artisans for Dior Cruise 2020.

The aftermath of the Christian Dior Morroco show is still being felt. By those that went and those that watched instead, everyone wants to know more. What was the inspiration? Why Marrakech? What sort of materials and methods were used behind the process of making the items? All of this and more is what designer Maria Grazia Chiuri and model Adesuwa Aighewi discuss in this V exclusive video provided by Christian Dior to help elaborate on the immaculate and bold show that recently passed. Bringing the West and African traditions together to find common ground, without overstepping the particularly thin line to cultural appropriation is something Nigerian model Aighewi brings up- to which Chiuri confirms was one of the concepts she wished to cover.

“I think things like this, you’re starting the conversation. You’re bridging the gap,” she says.

Using wax prints, a popular African method used in clothing, by local designers was important to Maria Grazia Chiuri. She mentions the importance of highlighting the high quality and skills that some of the artisans in these areas have, ultimately breaking down the mysticism of the cultural customs of Africa and as Aighewi says, giving them “the shine.”

Watch above to see the full conversation.

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