V Exclusive: Amanda Lepore “Buckle Up” Video

Try and not dance to this

“Buckle up! ‘Cause you’re in for the ride of your life.”

The Queen of NYC, Amanda Lepore, who has such an extensive list of titles we’ll name just a few to cut to the chase: Model, singer, entertainer, author, actress and as she proudly writes in her Instagram bio “muse”, is dropping her second music video from her Lepore album.

Lepore’s first visual was released this January to the cover of Jean Geanie, by her hero and late icon David Bowie- in which she pursues a young Bowie lookalike through the streets of the city in a diamond encrusted dress. What else would she be wearing? It was dedicated to him in addition to 50 years on from the Stonewall Riots that changed the course of LGBTQ history forever, becoming the root of Pride March. Similarly to her previous video, this one seems to be in honor of another continuing inspiration of the singer’s. We see very early on as Lepore walks over Marylin Monroe’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And we also have nothing but respect for her president!

Much like the song, the video is broken up into two different themes. Initially, it’s a slow tempo opera laced backtrack that drops into an eighties beat and catchy Buckle Up lyrics- eventually shifting to an image of lips that separates the following bigger bass part in which the word pussy used at least 50 times. What’s more is it’s even better when accompanied with the visual of Lepore wearing yet another diamond encrusted dress. Although she quickly changes into nipple tassels and lingerie. There’s no doubt that her lyrics reflect the truth, as she sings “my pussy is expensive/my pussy is fun/you can throw it in the air and call in sunshine” and it’s just in time for the better weather!

Watch Jean Genie here and Buckle Up below.


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