V Exclusive: Brooke Candy by Love Bailey

V Exclusive: Brooke Candy by Love Bailey

V Exclusive: Brooke Candy by Love Bailey

On the verge of releasing her debut album Sexorcism", Love Bailey sits down with the rapper in discussing the world according to Brooke Candy

On the verge of releasing her debut album Sexorcism", Love Bailey sits down with the rapper in discussing the world according to Brooke Candy

Photography: Angelo Kritikos

Text: Love Bailey

Love Bailey: Brooke, its crazy how much history we have together, I feel like I've been there since the beginning. Can you tell us about the early moments of your career. The times we had at Freak City, Hiking up Runyon, sleeping on my pink sofa, The moment I first put you in Vivienne Westwood, to everybody does your favorite video. Let's give the kids a lil' backstory from the humble beginnings: 

Brooke Candy: Ok so our past is insane! You, Seth Pratt, and Jesse Saint John gave me the confidence to start performing, by building me up, teaching me what it was to perform, teaching me to walk in heels (you used to force me to hike up Runyon in 6 inch stilettos so I would be able to dance around on stage in heels and let me tell you…it worked!) you put me in designer when most people thought I was trash, Seth and Jesse gave me their time and hearts and souls to help make the project as big as it could possibly be. I don’t think I would have started walking this path if it wasn’t for your nudge and their encouragement. You all saw something in me that I couldn’t see at the time but can see now.

LB: Many people think you came from money was that not the case?

BC: My family’s dynamic is really bizarre. My dad is the CFO of Hustler and the manager of Hustler Casinos and my mom stayed at home with us until I was about eight. Once my parents split, my lifestyle changed drastically and by the time I was in my late teens-early twenties, I was cut off from any and all resources that could help me move forward with my choice to be an artist. 1. Because my parents never believed in helping facilitate dreams financially, they believed if I wanted it bad enough I would find a way to make it happen; and 2. because I don’t think they thought it was going to happen. What parent in their right mind hears their 19-year old daughter raised in a suburb proclaim that she’s going to rap, get a record deal, and be and artist and not immediately roll their eyes. I’ve achieved everything I’ve achieved on my own, through my own hustle and hard work and I couldn’t be more proud of myself. Thank god for that life lesson they both instilled. I’m so grateful for my struggle.

LB: When the fashion world took you by storm and Nicola Formichetti & Steven Klein took you under their wing, what was that moment like?

BC: It was so surreal because Steven Klein is an amazing artist and Nicola had just gotten done working with Gaga so I felt like I was in master hands. One thing I regret during this phase of my career is not including you, Seth, and the people who believed in me when I was living out of my car, stripping, and performing for fun at underground clubs in LA. I appreciate my time working with them so much because it taught me so much about myself but I am soooooo happy to be back making art with the original fagmob.

LB: What are you currently working on?

BC: I have four music videos off my debut album ready to launch and a 5th being shot tomorrow! This album is sooooo so so so fun and it’s been amazing directing all of the videos myself and working with young fresh writers like Ashnikko and producers like Oscar Schiller

LB: Who are the features in your up and coming album? Care to share any secrets? 

BC: You’ll have to wait and see until I release my tracklist on the 17th.

LB: Are you signed by a label? What advice would you give to artists looking to be signed?

BC: I’m signed to a distribution deal with my friend Sega Bodega’s indie label Nuxxe and it’s been so great working with those guys. They also represent Shygirl, Sega, Dawn Richards, and a few others and I feel blessed to have so many people who believe in me and my music in this moment. There must have been 100 times I wanted or tried to quit making music but something always pushed be to keep going, and this album is a testament to that. Even though this isn’t even out yet I’m already ready for the next one! I want it to be super pop! Like early Madonna/Cyndi Lauper pop with my edge of course. Hopefully this album propels me to a place where that can happen.

LB: I heard your Sober now with a husband? What’s married life like?

BC: Amazing. Yes I’m sober by the grace of god and I have the best network of women around me keeping me afloat when I have my bad days. Sobriety is tough but nothing is worse than me drunk and on drugs. I’m a literal blackout lunatic who says and does things that a 30-year old has no business taking part in. As for my marriage, we’ve been together nine months and married for three. I just lost my wedding ring surfing at rockaway beach so we’re planning on having new rings made and doing another wedding with a few more friends and loved ones. He’s my soulmate and brings me so much peace and tranquility. There’s nothing like waking up to someone who makes you coffee in the morning, dances around to silly music in his underwear to make you laugh, and pleasures you beyond comprehension in the bedroom. I’m a naturally self destructive person and I never in a million years thought my life could be this peaceful and contained. We also just rescued a six-year old chihuahua named Bonita who brings us so much joy. If I can recommend any advice to someone looking to expand their family or looking for emotional support I suggest adoption!

LB: If you could give your younger self advice or change one thing about your past what would it be?

BC: Take your time with your art. Never forget the people who were there for you when no one else was. Check your ego, and leave it at the door. Treat everyone with unconditional love regardless of if you tolerate them or not. Celebrate gratitude for the gifts life presents you and take lesson in life’s hardships. There’s always a silver lining and brighter day ahead. Emotions are temporary so don’t let them take over your ability to make decisions that will ultimately define your future. And just be KIND!

LB: Are you excited for the future, or depressed with the state the world is in?

BC: I’m excited for my future because it’s something I’ve always dreamed of and I finally have most of it. I think it’s fair to relish in the bliss that follows that but the state of the world scares me everyday. There are moments that I wake up feeling a sort of dread and heaviness that I can’t explain. I want our world to be more forgiving, loving, and peaceful, I understand that to get there we need to shake shit up, be angry, and voice our frustrations, but I don’t think we need to stay existing within that vibratory state. My hope is that equality, sensitivity, and empathy will emerge in drastic ways and the planet will see that it’s not each other that we need to be fighting, but the people in power taking away our rights, destroying our rainforests, and turning our planet into a dystopian reality. Those are the people we need to rise against. The election this year will be very important. I read Elizabeth Warren’s book about four years ago in rehab and I think she would make an AMAZING president. She seems sensitive, fiscally responsible, and a rogue agent for change. And god damn it, it’s time to see a woman in the White House!!!! What the fuck!!!

LB: Paint me a picture of your ultimate utopian dream world?

BC: Well we would need to come up with a new system of government and essentially burn the constitution and re-write it because it’s a bit outdated, wouldn’t you say? We would evolve to a place where every human made a conscious effort to be kind and at peace with each other. We would respect and celebrate our differences not because it’s trending or PC, but because it’s the right thing to do. We all have different paths in this life and no one path is any greater than another. We would disarm the entire planet so gun violence and money making schemes like war would end, we would end poverty and homelessness by selling off some of Queen Elizabeth’s jewelry collection (did you know if she just sold a few of her tiaras we could end world hunger?) we would embrace ourselves and fill ourselves with self-love because nothing is more important and punk rock. Consumerism, flashing money, and “thing” would be a thing of the past and all that would matter is LOVE.

Credits: _azzma_  Dress, Gabriel Held Vintage accessories


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