V Exclusive: Chappell Roan's 'Pink Pony Club' out NOW!

V Exclusive: Chappell Roan's 'Pink Pony Club' out NOW!

V Exclusive: Chappell Roan's 'Pink Pony Club' out NOW!

Catching up with Chappell and the message behind new music.

Catching up with Chappell and the message behind new music.

Chappell Roan's new single, “Pink Pony Club” is available now and she has more on the way. This is among the first release for her forthcoming body of work, a showcase of Roan's long-road of self-discovery. Once the artist left her small hometown for LA, the drastic move helped highlight what Chappell had been missing most of her life.

“It was so different from home, where I always had such a hard time being myself and felt like I’d be judged for being different or being creative," says Chappell. In that divine moment, the artist felt a wave of complete "[l]ove and acceptance, and from then on I started writing songs as the real me.”

The real Chappell is here and her enchanting vocals give off dreamy-disco realness. In an exclusive interview with Chapel reveals further inspiration behind the single and music, as well as her career goals for the future.

V Magazine: Tell us about the inspiration of the single and video?

Chappell Roan: I moved to LA from Springfield, MO and it completely changed my perspective on life. On one of my first nights in LA, I went to The Abbey in West Hollywood and was so inspired by the energy there. I felt like for the first time I could truly be myself and not be judged.  My experience there inspired “Pink Pony Club” and also the video.

V: Who is "Pink Pony Club" intended for?

CR: This song is for all the people who have dreams to be something they were told that they can’t be.

V: Can you tell us who directed this video?

CR: Griffin Stoddard directed the music video.  He and I met through summer camp and have been working together for a while now (he also directed my music video "Good Hurt"). He came to me with a beautiful bittersweet concept for "Pink Pony Club" that I felt matched the song perfectly. It was my first time ever dancing and it took so much work, but I am so incredibly proud of Griffin and how the video turned out.

V: What do you hope people get from this song and video?

CR: I hope this song can really inspire people to be who they are and not care what anyone else thinks. I also want the video to show a genuine side to pop, and me as a pop artist. That there is no formula or rules.  You can sing however you want, dress however you want, dance however you want.

V: What’s next after this for your career?

CR: I will be releasing more music and hopefully going on a tour by the end of the year. I’m always writing and trying to stay creative.

V: Do you have any goals for 2020? What are they?

CR: I have a lot of goals for 2020. I would like to start producing my own music, dabble more in movie scoring, finish an album, and learn to live with my anxiety.

Check out the music video, down below.


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