Infinite Resort Is 80% Recycled and Sustainably Sourced

The brand brings a new dimension to sustainable, recycled, or upcycled markets.

Designer Romina Cenisio has teamed up with four National Geographic photographers to launch her sustainable capsule Infinite Resort collection for Earth Day. Stephen Alvarez, Frans Lanting, Bruce Omori, and Andy Mann shot the clothes and four dresses based on the elements Earth, Water, Fire and Air in the E Paso- Juarez border and hometown of Cenisio. Along with the lookbook, there is a small editorial video shot by local filmmaker Paco Ibarra on a drone.

“While flying in an MD-500E over an active flow from Pu‘u ‘O‘o, I noticed a fresh breakout and directed the pilot to it. After descending to an altitude about 30 feet above the molten lava, and hanging out of the helicopter, I was able to capture a one of a kind abstract of the amazing patterns, textures and colors,” said Ibarra while talking about the artistic direction behind the “fire” dress.

Furthermore, nearly all of the clothes, 80%, were made up of recycled and sustainably sourced materials- like discarded plastic bottles. And portions of the sales will go to organizations such as Nature Conservancy of New Guinea and the Fronterizx Fianza Fund that helps with the funding of bailing out immigrants at detention centers on the border.

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