V EXCLUSIVE: Justine Skye Teams Up With H&M

V EXCLUSIVE: Justine Skye Teams Up With H&M

V EXCLUSIVE: Justine Skye Teams Up With H&M

Justine Skye x H&M was in part inspired by Princess Diana.

Justine Skye x H&M was in part inspired by Princess Diana.

Text: Czar Van Gaal

In the wake of her first independently released EP, Bare With Me, Justine Skye continues to prove that she’s a creative force in her own right. This week, Skye dropped a limited-edition sportswear collection with H&M, paying homage to her Brooklyn roots and Jamaican heritage. Seeing the collaboration as another opportunity to tell her life story, Skye tapped Caribbean-meets-Brooklyn colorways and ’90s street-style silhouettes—finishing them off with a "1995" motif reflecting the singer's birth year.   

Last night, Skye, along with a swarm of friends, family, and local movers and shakers, celebrated the collection’s launch. Showcasing her unstoppable confidence and fashion-forward eye, the singer rocked head-to-toe Justine Skye x H&M, opting for a matching, all-over-plaid ensemble. After commemorating her first design venture, Skye sat down with V, exclusively sharing her fashion inspirations and what’s next for her now. Read the conversation below!


V What was the inspiration for the collection?

Justine Skye The collection is loosely based on where I am from: Brooklyn. My bomber says “How Sweet," which [is a reference] to one of Brooklyn's slogans, “How Sweet It Is.” I noticed that and I was like, "I want to incorporate that into the collection." The collection [as a whole] just kinds of tell people a little bit more about who I am and where I am from. I'm reintroducing myself, through music as well as fashion, because I feel like I finally understand how to tell my story the way that I want to tell it—and to [not have people] just go by what they see online [about me].  

V What other elements of Justine Skye can we expect to see within the collection?

JS There are a lot of pieces inspired by my last name; there are cloud prints throughout the collection. Also, you’ll notice there are a lot of sets. There’s a cloud set, a plaid set... That’s all inspired by being Jamaican. I feel like, in our culture, we love a loud, all-over-print outfit.  

V What was it like spearheading the design process of the collection?  

JS I started with a mood board and we just went from there. Then H&M came back to me with ideas, and together we kind of tweaked it based on what I wanted. I love to be comfortable, so that is something that I wanted to incorporate; there’s a lot of stretch in the clothing.

I also I wanted to make a sweatsuit, because I live in sweats. I like to wear my sweats baggy and scrunched up at the bottom. So when designing the sweatpants, I created that silhouette by adding extra fabric and making sure the pants fell properly.

The sweatshirt’s silhouette was inspired by photo I saw of Princess Diana. [In the photo] she’s wearing this Harvard turtleneck sweatshirt that was, like, seamless. I was like, "I don’t know where to find something like that anymore. Let’s just remake it." 

V Amazing! So you’ve released your EP as an independent artist and you’re launching this collection with H&M. What’s next for the new and improved Justine Skye?

JS What’s next? Well, I am working on new music, and visuals, too! There are some dope visuals on its way. Honestly, I realized I am not in a rush. I feel like everything in my career so far has been a rush up until last year, when I actually took time to really focus on the quality of my work. So that’s what I am doing. Great things cannot be rushed.  

V Beyond reintroducing yourself to the world, what’s the message behind the collection?

JS Stay grounded and don’t simply reach for the sky. Focus on the work and become so great that the sky reaches you.  

Stream Justine Skye’s latest project Bare With Me, and check out her H&M collection 


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